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Matting buying guide - RESTAURANT

There are many different areas in a restaurant where floor matting is needed. Start with the moment a customer walks into your business. Depending on the climate and/or weather, the guest will need safe footing to dry their shoes and leave most of the outdoor debris at the door. In addition to cleaning and drying shoes, a mat at your business front entrance can also feature your logo to enforce your brand image. This is an important part of the first impression being made to your customer. If guests are made to wait for a table, another carpet-like mat in the waiting area sets a warm, cozy atmosphere. Person entering restaurant
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The table is ready and the hostess leads the guest through the restaurant. If the restaurant decor includes hardwood or marble flooring, you will want to have some runner matting along these major pathways to prevent slips and falls and lawsuits! Angry Lawyer
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The waitress takes the meal order and goes to the computer to enter it he or she will greatly appreciate a non-slip/anti-fatigue mat at this station. Say they travel into the kitchen or other service area to pick up drinks and appetizers; more non-slip matting made for wet environments. The bartender prepares drinks on special bar-top mats made to reduce spills and sticky messes. Running Waiter
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Back in the kitchen, cooks and prep cooks begin to assemble and prepare the order. The burger and fries are made while standing on a grease-proof, perforated anti-fatigue mat and salad is made on a similar mat but not necessarily grease proof. Another restaurant employee has the job of distributing (also known as expediting) all finished orders to servers. He works on a runner made of anti-slip, cushioned flooring that can handle stray onion rings from time to time. Stray onion ring
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The guests have finished their meal and the busboy comes to clear off the table. As he approaches the dish room with a load of heavy dishes, he steps onto drainable anti-slip matting that is low enough for the clean dishes on carts to roll over. bussboy
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Cart Traffic PERFORATED Cart Traffic SOLID      

After dinner, the customer's hands are kind of sticky from the meal and he or she would love to powder his nose. In the restaurant bathroom there are decorative but functional carpet-like mats in front of the sinks ready to absorb drips from wet hands so floors aren't slippery. Falling in the bathroom
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Finally as the customer leaves the restaurant, he passes over the logo matting at the entrance once more and thinks, "That was a good burger we should come to "XYZ" restaurant again soon! "
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