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Safety Mats Dry Environment protect workers from slips and falls and offer anti-fatigue properties in dry work areas.

Saddle Trax GRANDE Mat Saddle Trax GRANDE

Resistant to chemicals

Anti-fatigue for multi-shift operations, cushion

Marble Sof-Tyle GRANDE Mat Marble Sof-Tyle GRANDE Mat

Smooth marbleized surface

Cashier, anti-fatigue, pharmacy, medical office


Rubber top with foam bottom

Ribbed/grooved top surface with closed cell foam base

Cushion Trax Mat Cushion Trax Mat - 479

Diamond plate surface pattern

Multi-directional anti-slip; shipping/receiving, factory

Marble Sof-Tyle Mat Marble Sof-Tyle Mat

Rubber top on sponge base

Retail, cashier, pharmacy, medical/dental office

Diamond Sof-Tred Mat Diamond Sof-Tred Mat

Diamond pattern anti-fatigue

Reinforced Dyna-Sheild surface extends wear

Pebble Step Sof-Tred Mat Pebble Step Sof-Tred Mat

Pebble-embossed PVC sponge

Relieves leg and back fatigue, assembly line

Airug Mat Airug Mat

Directional ribbed top surface

Affordable anti-fatigue matting, work station, cashier

Niru Cushion-Ease Niru Cushion-Ease

Resists chemicals/oils/grease

Excels in harsh industrial environments, factory

Comfort-Eze Mat Comfort-Eze Mat

Rubber bubble top mat

Offset top and bottom bubbles circulate air around mat

Diamond Top Interlock Mat Diamond Top Interlock Mat

 Molded interlocking teeth

Rubber; molded air pockets on bottom for traction/buoyancy

Hog Heaven™ Fashion Mat Hog Heaven™ Fashion

5/8" or 7/8"
Fabric topped cushion mat

Closed cell cushion, slip resistant, anti-static

Rubber Interlock Mat Rubber Interlock

 3' x 3 tiles

Interlocking, rubber, anti-fatigue, non-slip

Supreme Sliptech Mat Supreme Sliptech

 Pyramid-top anti-fatigue

Slip resistant, worker comfort, leg relief

Ergo Mat Ergo Mat - 474

Corrogated top anti-fatigue

Custom widths, rubber top resists sparks, slip resistant

Hog Heaven Marble Top Mat Hog Heaven Marble Top

7/8" or 5/8"
Rubber top on foam base

Cushioned non-slip anti-fatigue dry area mat

Diamond Foot Mat Diamond Foot Mat

Colored border anti-fatigue

Diamond pattern top, abrasion/slip-resistant

Dura-Rib Mat Dura-Rib Mat

Deep, wide rubber grooves

Restaurant, factory, office, garage

Hog Heaven Prime Mat Hog Heaven Prime Mat

3/4" thick
Urethane foam comfort

Pebble Trax Mat Pebble Trax Mat - 480

Top resists welding sparks

Factory, industrial, anti-fatigue, shift workers

Pebble Trax Grande Mat Pebble Trax Grande - 980

SBR Rubber; 1"
Foam base

Welding, extreme traffic, antifatigue, closed cell foam

Bubble Sof-Tred Mat Bubble Sof-Tred Mat - 417

Bubble top for worker comfort

Ergonomic surface, anti-fatigue, added traction

Cushion-Ease Solid Mat Cushion-Ease Solid Mat

3/4 "
Chemical resistant

Reduces fatigue in dry work areas, interlocking

Cushion-Ease Ergo Mat Cushion-Ease Ergo Mat

 3/4 "
Improved ergonomic comfort

Standing comfort in dry work areas, interlocking