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Selection of the least expensive mats, perfect where mats are needed according to the building code or for lower traffic areas. For high traffic we would still recommend investing a little bit more and gett matting with more yarn.

Brush Step Mat Dura-Rug 400 Enforcer Entrance Matting
Brush Step Mat Dura-Rug 400 Mat Enforcer Entrance Matting
19 ounce; 3/8"
High/low ribbed design

Medium traffic, plant office, lobby, runners
3/4" - Thick
Recyced rubber - Material
Home or business entrance
7/16" thick
Lengths up to 68 feet

Hotel or restaurant lobby, school, nursing home, office
Plush Tuff Olefin Solids Plush Tuff Olefin Sabre
Plush Tuff Olefin Solids Mat Plush Tuff Olefin Mat Sabre Mat
16 oz

Vinyl back, plush carpet surface, popular colors


16 oz.

Heathered colors, thick absorbant mat, vinyl back

19 ounce; 5/16"
Fluffy carpet-like nap

Soaks up loads of moisture; rain, snow, debris
Brush Hog Entrance Mat Stop-N-Dry Floor Mat Dura-Rib Mat
Brush Hog Mat Stop-N-Dry Floor Mat Dura-Rib Mat
Coarse nylon brush

Agressive scraping, outdoors, rubber border
Nubbed wiper/scraper mat

Retail store, grocery, hospital, anywhere!
Deep, wide rubber grooves

Restaurant, factory, office, garage
Durite 108 Clean Scrape Outdoor Matting
Durite 108 Mat Clean Scrape Outdoor Matting
5/8" - Thick
Recycled rubber - Material
Made of recycled tires
Recycled rubber with grit

Aggressive cleaning mat, raised border, easily cleaned