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Ultra Track Grate
Mats Inc Ultra Track Grate
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Model Ultra Track Foot Grilles

Thickness 1"

Rail Material Aluminum

Rail Color/Finishes Mill Finish

Construction Linear rails with cross-bolt supports

Weight 7.8 lb per sq. ft

Maximum Rolling Load 3,800 lbs per 2 foot span

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Ultra Track recessed floor grate / mat

1 inch deep / thick recessed entrance grating system is made of heavy gauge aluminum with 16% post-consumer recycled material. High-tech design, cross-bolt technology and superior anti-slip implementation is excellent for indoor and outdoor use in heavy traffic areas. These grilles are very likely to look as brand new after many years of use. Because of minimal maintenance technology which reduces maintenance cost and allows quick/easy cleaning. Ultra Track aluminum grating is perfect choice for entryway use in public buildings, malls, office, hospital and medical buildings as well as sports/recreational facilities or university and college vestibule entryways.
Thickness (height) - 1”
Allows dirt, debris and water accumulate below the surface level, so it can be used in heavy traffic areas for inside or outside applications where maintenance would be done rarely and when it needs to be done, it is quick and easy.

Cross-bolt technology
Ultra-Track foot grilles constructed with exclusive, cross-bolt technology with individual aluminum spacers for long-lasting performance and extreme durability. There is no welding on these panels making them less prone to breaking. They would "give" a little under heavy loads rather than break.

Rail Material: Mill Finish Aluminum
Made of extruded aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with 64% pre-consumer and 16% post-consumer recycled material in mill finish.

Custom shapes
Maximum single section size is 48 inches (front to back) x 42 inches (left to right). Mats exceeding these dimensions will consist from several sections. Also, custom shapes are available as well. Exceptional cross-bolt construction last longer than welded key-lock technology. Ultra Track is the best choice for radius cuts (for example under revolving doors) Designed as deep recessed system, aspect of surface is clean linear rails and cross-bolt supports for extreme durability.

Heel-proof design
Passers walking on the surface are safe with 3/16 inch of tight spacing between rails. It is not going to be a problem for heels and all shoe types. Ultra Track recessed foot grille still allows dirt and debris to be trapped beneath the grill's surface.

Durability and Easy cleaning
Ultra Track foot grilles with deep recessed and drop-through technology allows quick and easy cleaning, also reduces flooring maintenance cost remarkably. It is safe and durable, will look as brand new for many years.

Traffic: Heavy Indoors and Outdoors
These entryway aluminum grating systems are excellent choice for heavy inside and outside traffic areas in your facility. Provides a walking surface with anti-slip technology and helps to remove dirt and debris which otherwise may be carried into the building by the pedestrians.


Panel Construction: Ultra Track

Is constructed with extruded heavy gauge aluminum alloy material 6061-T6 made of high percent of recycled content, clean linear rails with cross-bolt supports for extreme durability.
The thickness is 1 inch and maximum one section size is 48 inches (front to back) x 42 inches (left to right) or approximately 16 sq. ft., also custom shapes are available. Ultra Track foot grille sections and pre-assembled frames are made to order.

Frame options:
Frames 6' x 8' or smaller will come preassembled.
Frames larger than 6 feet x 8 feet will come mittered and joined at the corners but cut through the sides to make shipping possible.
If specified mechanical joint can be provided (to join the cut sides).
Each grille section should incorporate an invisible section divider integrated and welded within the frame.
If specified a pan will be supplied with the order. Pan options below.

Ultra Track Aluminum Foot Grille Level base installation

VV embedded frame (Recessed Frame Integral with Concrete Substrate)
New construction inverted "T" shape frame in order to anchor the structure into the concrete. It is supplied with a sound gasket.

TT overlap frame (Recessed Frame Over Finished Surfaces)
"Z" shaped frame for retrofits and wood floors. The perimeter frames should be "Z" shape such as model "TT" frame. For installation over finished floor surfaces.
To prevent any water infiltration silicon sealant should be applied between the frame and the finished floor.

AD angle frame (Recessed Frame for either concrete substrate or finished surface)
New construction "L" shaped frame for wood floors and retrofits.
The perimeter frames should be an angle AD frame, either “Level” or “Embedded” depending on the installation. For installation with either new construction or retrofits. If specified a pan will be supplied, please see below for pan options.

Ultra Track Aluminum Foot Grille Depth

Pan options:
If specified with the order, the frames will be supplied with a drain pan (at extra cost). Available in 20 gauge galvanized steel or aluminum.

Make sure to post appropriate signeage when wet maintenance is performed (“Wet floor” and/or “Caution”)
Refer to cleaning solution SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for Protective Equipment requirements.

DONT apply any floor finishes (wax). No buffing or stripping of the Ultra Track mat

Initial Cleaning
Dust, sweep, mop or use heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to remove ALL grit and debris left after construction or frame installation.

Routine Cleaning
1. During winter seasons (for colder climates where snow falls) remove grilles and clean the frames once per week. Other seasons - once per month will suffice. Every time you clean make sure that there is no particles or residues left on frame and substrate before dropping the panels in. This will prevent panels from warping due to uneven support on the bottom or edges.
2. If you have one of the units with the drain - inspect the drain and make sure nothing is blocking it and water can drain easily
3. To ensure that rails (treads) remain straight - make sure to remove any debris stuck in between.

Deep Cleaning
Use soapy solution to clean rails and leave them to dry.

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