When will my order ship?

US customers

Standard size orders usually ship within 2-4 business days.
Custom size orders ship within 5-10 business days.
Logo mats 5-10 business days after we get signed proof.

We ship ground service by UPSlogosmall, FEDEXlogosmall, DHLlogosmall or common carrier (large orders or large items).

Can we expedite shipping?
In some cases we may be able to expedite the shipping but only if you order air shipping method and pay the shipping charges. Please understand that mats are manufactured by huge manufacturing companies where hundreds of people are employed and order has to pass through several departments before mat actually will be loaded on UPS or FedEx truck. Have in mind that expediting and using air shipping methods will most likely cost you $100+ just for shipping and you will get the mats only 1-5 days sooner so think if it is worth it.

Orders for Export

In addition to USA shipping times we will need a few more days (sometimes up to a week) to validate your payment and deliver items to a shipping company that will handle shipping to your country.

Orders shipped by air usually take 3-10 days to reach your local airport.
Orders shipped by ocean usually take 4-8 weeks to reach your local port.
(you are responsible for all transportation charges and all duties and customs fees in your country).

The above is shipping GUIDELINES only. We do not guarantee any definite terms nor do we carry any financial responsibility. For more details please refer to our Terms and Conditions.