We export to anywhere in the world


Importing from US has never been better !!!

Weak US dollar relative to your currency may make pricing very attractive.
Use your currency to buy mats from USA.

We have 4 years of experience in exporting to Belgium, Poland Netherlands, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Lithuania, Germany and so on…We ship Air Freight, ocean freight, DHL Express. We understand difficulties you may run-in to (pricing, logistics, customs and availability in your local warehouse). We will be able to assist you getting your mats in a timely manner and with appropriate paperwork.

Keep in mind that we will ask you to prepay 100% by a bank wire transfer and this is ONLY payment type we take from other countries. If you do not feel comfortable - let us know where are you located and we may able to find a company or a private party in your region that we have done business before and use them as refferal.