20 years in business and going strong

  • Established in 2003 has grown and changed quite a bit over the years. It began as an online distributor for all major and several smaller commercial, industrial and sports floor matting manufacturers and importers.

  • After some years decision was made to drop all sports floor matting products and concentrate on categories we did better, had more extensive knowledge of and could provide a better customer support.

  • In 2008 a new version of the website was launched featuring more products in commercial matting category (mostly anti-fatigue and carpet like entry mats).

  • Around 2015 Amazon tries to come into the commercial floor matting business by purchasing a large quantities of floor matting from several major manufacturers in the country and selling them direct to consumer. Amazon starts discounting items that don’t sell way below their cost that this wreaks havoc on our business.

  • 2016 - to survive in increasingly difficult online business environment MattingExperts decides to become direct-to-consumer importer/manufacturer. That year MattingExperts receives the first full container load of water draining PVC floor matting rolls, starts cutting them to order and shipping directly to the end user.

  • 2019 – VINTEK commercial floor matting brand is registered with US Patent and Trademark Office.

  • 2020 – website gets another major face-lift. Now the website is adapted for mobile platforms.

  • 2021 - MattingExperts leaves Chicagoland and moves to Loveland Colorado.

  • Today we offer about 10 types of quality water draining floor mats and interlocking floor tiles that can be used for commercial and industrial purposes as well as in residential custom-built showers, saunas or around hot tubs and/or swimming pools. We haven’t cut ties with some of the manufacturers that we have been working with for nearly 20 years and still offer pretty wide selection of commercial carpet-like mats and industrial anti-fatigue floor products.