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RGB-200 Grate
Pawling RGB-200

Model RGB-200

Thickness 13/16

Rail Material Bronze Alloy

Rail Color Finishes Mill finish (standard), Satin finish

Weight 7.25 lb. per sq ft

Rolling Load Test 350 lb / wheel

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RGB-200 bronze alloy entryway grate

Excellent choice for heavy traffic entrances such as public buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals and medical buildings, convention centers or fitness/recreation centers with rolling loads up to 350 lbs. per wheel. RGB-200 grate is manufactured from "T" shaped rails and assembled onto metal rods with spacers. High-tech appearance for clean architectural lines.
Thickness (height) - 13/16
Lets large amounts of debris to accumulate below the surface level, so grate can be used in very heavy traffic areas or where cleaning would be done rarely.

Panel Size 96 wide x 48 long
Larger mats needs multiple sections to construct the foot grating entryway system. Width is limited by the length of the tread (96 inch) and 48 inch length is maximum recommended by manufacturer. It may be made larger, but handling larger size panel would get very burdensome because of the weight (given that this grate weights 7.25 lbs. per square foot). Also, heavy panels more likely to get damaged during handling.

Safe Heel-proof design
With 3/16 inch gap between treads it will not act as a trap for heels and would still let debris and water drain under the mat.

Rolling Load Test 350 lb / wheel (5 diameter 2 wide)
Making it total gross weight of 4-weeled cart 1400 lbs. Can easily handle loads such as shopping carts, bellman carts or carts bringing in inventory and service items.

Rail Material Extrude T shaped Bronze Alloy #385 (1/8 inch thick)
One of the most popular bronze alloys in architectural elements because of its appearance and physical characteristics.

All-weather application
Can be installed for interior or exterior use in your facility on any climate zones.

Easy cleaning and maintenance
Cleaning RGB-200 bronze grating is easy, just simply lift the section and recessed area can be cleaned easy. Once lifter the grate itself may be hosed off and cleaned with a firm brush. Attention, never drop the grate in the pit before you clean it well. You want to ensure that the mat sits on smooth flat surface, else you may end up damaging the grate.


Pawling RGB-200 grate frame

NOTE if recess is poured during construction it is recommended to fill the recess with plywood covering it with another plywood piece well overlapping the frame to protect the recess and the frame from accidental damage. Before installing the panel recess must be clean to ensure even surface for the panel to rest on.

Panel Construction: RGB-200 bronze alloy entrance grate is constructed from T shaped extruded bronze treads assembled onto 5/16 inch steel rods. Rods are spaced out every 12 inches. High density polyethylene spacers placed between treads. On the bottom of the panel spacers extend past the treads, so the section would stay on spacers ensuring quiet operation.
Pawling RGB-200 bronze alloy grate support rod spacing

Simply lift the grate out of the opening and clean the dirt, debris out of it. Make sure the recess is clean before you put the grates back in opening. They have to sit on perfectly smooth and flat substrate otherwise, they might get damaged and or operate noisy. Grate itself can be hosed off and cleaned with a brush and household general cleaning materials.

Flammability Test:
Critical radiant flux 0.45 watts/m 2 or greater, in accordance with ASTM E 648. Life Safety Code NFPA 101, Class 1 Interior Floor Finish Testing and Classification.

Slip Resistance:
Coefficient of friction 0.60 or greater, in accordance with ASTM D 2047 tested in wet conditions.

Rolling Load:
No deformation with 350 lb/wheel and minimum of 2500 passes. Load applied to a 5 diameter, 2 wide solid polyurethane wheel.

Single Source:
Obtain entrance grating and frames from a single source to ensure dimensional compatibility.

Manufacturer: Pawling Corporation

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