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Justrite Safety Group mats (former Superior Manufacturing)

Superior Manufacturing with manufacturing facilities in Chicago, IL, Calhoun, GA and Moselle, MS. Wide variety of industrial and commercial mats. Maybe not the “cheapest guy on the block” but definitely good quality with which you will be 100% satisfied. Owner of well known brands such as "Notrax" and "Teknor Apex"

In 2015 acquired by Checkers Safety Group and few years later (2018) Checkers were acquired by Justrite Safety Group.
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Saddle Trax GRANDE Mat Saddle Trax GRANDE

Resistant to chemicals

Anti-fatigue for multi-shift operations, cushion

Marble Sof-Tyle GRANDE Mat Marble Sof-Tyle GRANDE Mat

Smooth marbleized surface

Cashier, anti-fatigue, pharmacy, medical office


Rubber top with foam bottom

Ribbed/grooved top surface with closed cell foam base

Cushion Trax Mat Cushion Trax Mat - 479

Diamond plate surface pattern

Multi-directional anti-slip; shipping/receiving, factory

Marble Sof-Tyle Mat Marble Sof-Tyle Mat

Rubber top on sponge base

Retail, cashier, pharmacy, medical/dental office

Diamond Sof-Tred Mat Diamond Sof-Tred Mat

Diamond pattern anti-fatigue

Reinforced Dyna-Sheild surface extends wear

Razorback Mat Razorback Mat

Closed cell PVC sponge

Traction; wide ribs run side-to-side, all edges beveled

Pebble Step Sof-Tred Mat Pebble Step Sof-Tred Mat

Pebble-embossed PVC sponge

Relieves leg and back fatigue, assembly line

Airug Mat Airug Mat

Directional ribbed top surface

Affordable anti-fatigue matting, work station, cashier

Niru Cushion-Ease Niru Cushion-Ease

Resists chemicals/oils/grease

Excels in harsh industrial environments, factory

Safety Stance Matting Safety Stance Matting

Stands cutting oils/chemicals

Drilling stations, welding areas, heavy-duty, drainable

Cushion-Tred Mat Cushion-Tred Mat

Large drainage holes

Restaurant, kitchen, bar, factory, pathway

Cushion-Lok Perforated Mat Cushion-Lok Perforated Mat

Resists harsh chemicals

Maintains flexibility under harsh conditions, custom configurations

Cushion-Lok Solid-Top Mat Cushion-Lok Solid-Top Mat

Solid top matting

Use either interlocking or as stand alone mat, non-slip

Drainage mat Cushion-Ease Mat

Anti-fatigue/anti-slip mat

Multi-nib backing facilitates fluid drainage, interlocking

Cushion-Dek Mat Cushion-Dek Mat

Highly chemical resistant

Factory, industrial work station, drains liquids

Cushion-Dek Mat with Grip Step Cushion-Dek Mat with Grip Step

Coarse grit mat top

Extra traction in extremely slippery environments

Comfort-Eze Mat Comfort-Eze Mat

Rubber bubble top mat

Offset top and bottom bubbles circulate air around mat

Sanitop Mat Sanitop Mat

Ramps on all 4 sides

Anti-fatigue, grease resistant drainage mat, kitchens

Diamond Top Interlock Mat Diamond Top Interlock Mat

Molded interlocking teeth

Rubber; molded air pockets on bottom for traction/buoyancy

Niru Versa Runner Mat Niru Versa Runner Mat

Slotted perforations for drainage

Mat is fully reversible extending service life

Niru Knob-Top Runner Niru Knob-Top Runner

Durable and resists grease

Niru rubber makes mat durable and adds traction

V-Groove Corrugated Runner Mat V-Groove Corrugated Runner Mat

Rubber 1/8"
V-groove surface

Aisle ways, Warehouses, Vending areas, Cart liners

Round Rib Runner Mat Round Rib Runner

Vinyl runner mat

Rounded ribs run length of mat for easy clean up

Diamond Plate Runner Mat Diamond Plate Runner

Diamond surface runner

Anti-slip pattern, low profile, easy cart access

Estes Mat Estes Mat

33 ounce; 3/8"
Hi-low looped pile

Traps and hides dirt, popular style for all decor

Guzzler Mats Guzzler

26 ounce; 3/8"
Raised rubber borders

Waffle pattern, holds dirt, entryways, fixed size

Brush Step Mat Brush Step Mat

19 ounce; 3/8"
High/low ribbed design

Medium traffic, plant office, lobby, runners

Rubber Brush Mat Rubber Brush

5/8" - Thick
Rubber - Material
Flexible rubber fingers
Outdoor entrance, schools, plant, municipal, constrution

Comfort Zone Mat Comfort Zone Mat

Anti-fatigue, Drainage holes

Laundry, restaurant, deli counter, sink, food prep...

Skate/Spike Resistant Matting Skate/Spike Resistant Matting

Protects floors from spikes/skates

Golf club house, ice-skating rink, hockey club, parks department

Clear Trax Mat Clear Trax Mat

Clear PVC ribbed top runner

Model homes, open house, construction office, rug exhibit

Cushion Stat Mat Cushion Stat Mat (with Dyna-Shield)

Dissipative / anti-static

Computer assembly station, electronics, sensitive machinery

Switchboard Matting Switchboard Matting

Maximum usage of 17,000 volts

High voltage boxes, fuse boxes, transformers, prevents shock

Diamond Switchboard Matting Diamond Switchboard Matting

Insulative-prevents electrical shock
Maximum usage 17,000 volts

High voltage boxes, electrical fuse boxes, transformers, anti-slip

Opera Mat Opera Mat

3 functions in one

Large building, upscale entrances: offices, hotels, professional

231 Prelude Entrance Mat 231 Prelude Mat

Coarse loop vinyl mat

Performs initial scraping of shoes, busy entrances

Encore Entrance Mat Encore Mat

80% yarn, 20% vinyl scraper

Inside foyer, heavy traffic, hotel, mall

Ovation Mat Ovation

Superior drying mat

Inside building, lobby, entrance, water absorption and retention

Orien trax mat Orientrax Decorative Entrance Mat

24 ounce; 3/8"
Oriental style commercial mat

Unique look, office, front desk, retain water

118 Arrow Trax 118 Arrow Trax

38 ounce; 3/8"
Extremely long lasting

Pattern, high traffic, office building, supermarket entrance

Aqua Trap Mat Aqua Trap Mat

26 ounce; 3/8"
Molded bubble face pattern

Sturdy scraping mat; great colors

Barrier Rib Mat Barrier Rib Mat

26 ounce; 3/8"
Dual ridge pattern

Retains water and dirt; scrapes shoes clean

Portrait Mat Portrait

26 ounce; 3/8"
Raised rubber borders

Parquet pattern, entryways, clean shoes

168 Opus Mat 168 Opus Mat

32 ounce; 3/8"
Scrapes from all angles

Church, school, professional office, retail stores

117 Heritage Rib Mat 117 Heritage Rib Mat

24 ounce; 3/8"
Ribbed lengthwise

Reception area, bank lobby, boutique, deli

Ergo Mat Ergo Mat - 474

Corrogated top anti-fatigue

Custom widths, rubber top resists sparks, slip resistant

Dante Mat Dante

24 ounce; 3/8"
33% more carpet

Medium traffic, plant office, residential, runners

Polynib Mat Polynib

24 ounce; 1/4"
Berber-look pattern

Elegant look, great colors, matching vinyl backing

Blade Runner Mat Blade Runner Mat

Corrugated rib top surface.
Closed cell Polyvinylchloride (PVC) sponge compound.
An exclusive product to our line. Overall thickness - 1/2".
Custom Sizes!

Deep-Freeze Mat Deep-Freeze Mat

Deep Freeze Environments

Freezer, kitchen, restaurant, morgue, cryogenic lab, ice cream factory

Master Trax Mat Master Trax

52 ounce; 7/16"
Available up to 13' x 75'

Hospital entrance, stores, shopping mall, university

Smart Step Mat Smart Step Matting

1/2" - Thick
Vinyl and carpet strips - Material
Perforated or solid

Smart Step Arrow Trax mats Smart Step - Arrow TRAX

9/16" - Thick
Vinyl and carpet strips - Material
Recess matting

Sorb Stance Mat Sorb Stance Mat

Tray-type mat

Holds sorbent pads that hold water/oil/grease run-off

Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Goods Logo Inlay Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Goods Logo Inlay

30 ounce; 3/8"
Large area logo mat

Logo mat up to 12' x 50'; rubber backing

Superflow Mat Superflow Mat

5/8" - Thick
Rubber compound - Material
Drainage, comfort, anti-slip
Tavern, restaurant, hotel, bar, entrance

San-Eze II Mat San-Eze II Mat

Drainage, comfort, anti-slip, NSF Certified

Kitchen, restaurant, hotel, bar, dish room

Evergreen Diamond Mat Evergreen Diamond Mat

Made with recycled nylon

Smart pattern great for all decors

Evergreen Diamond Mat Oct O Flex Mat

Made with recycled nylon

Smart pattern great for all decors