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Specialty floor mats

Skate/Spike Resistant Matting Skate/Spike Resistant Matting

Protects floors from spikes/skates

Golf club house, ice-skating rink, hockey club, parks department

Switchboard Matting Switchboard Matting

Maximum usage of 17,000 volts

High voltage boxes, fuse boxes, transformers, prevents shock

Deep-Freeze Mat Deep-Freeze Mat

Deep Freeze Environments

Freezer, kitchen, restaurant, morgue, cryogenic lab, ice cream factory

Sorb Stance Mat Sorb Stance Mat

Tray-type mat

Holds sorbent pads that hold water/oil/grease run-off

Wildlife Floor Mat Wildlife Floor Mat

32 ounce; 3/8"
Beautiful artwork on plush mat

Restaurant, bar, lodge, cabin, home

Clear Vinyl Diamond Surface Mat Clear Vinyl Diamond Surface Mat

2 mm
Smooth back clear vinyl runner

Model home, showroom floor, display