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Safety/Anti-Fatigue DRY Matting
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Safety/Anti-Fatigue WET Matting
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Safety Runners
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Interlocking; Custom Tile Mats
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Industrial - Tested for Chemicals Mats
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Marble Sof-Tyle GRANDE Mat Marble Sof-Tyle GRANDE Mat

Smooth marbleized surface

Cashier, anti-fatigue, pharmacy, medical office

Cushion Trax Mat Cushion Trax Mat - 479

Diamond plate surface pattern

Multi-directional anti-slip; shipping/receiving, factory

Marble Sof-Tyle Mat Marble Sof-Tyle Mat

Rubber top on sponge base

Retail, cashier, pharmacy, medical/dental office

Diamond Sof-Tred Mat Diamond Sof-Tred Mat

Diamond pattern anti-fatigue

Reinforced Dyna-Sheild surface extends wear

Pebble Step Sof-Tred Mat Pebble Step Sof-Tred Mat

Pebble-embossed PVC sponge

Relieves leg and back fatigue, assembly line

Airug Mat Airug Mat

Directional ribbed top surface

Affordable anti-fatigue matting, work station, cashier

Safety Stance Matting Safety Stance Matting

Stands cutting oils/chemicals

Drilling stations, welding areas, heavy-duty, drainable

Cushion-Lok Solid-Top Mat Cushion-Lok Solid-Top Mat

Solid top matting

Use either interlocking or as stand alone mat, non-slip

Cushion-Dek Mat with Grip Step Cushion-Dek Mat with Grip Step

Coarse grit mat top

Extra traction in extremely slippery environments

Comfort-Eze Mat Comfort-Eze Mat

Rubber bubble top mat

Offset top and bottom bubbles circulate air around mat

Sanitop Mat Sanitop Mat

Ramps on all 4 sides

Anti-fatigue, grease resistant drainage mat, kitchens

Diamond Top Interlock Mat Diamond Top Interlock Mat

Molded interlocking teeth

Rubber; molded air pockets on bottom for traction/buoyancy

Comfort Zone Mat Comfort Zone Mat

Anti-fatigue, Drainage holes

Laundry, restaurant, deli counter, sink, food prep...

Cushion Stat Mat Cushion Stat Mat (with Dyna-Shield)

Dissipative / anti-static

Computer assembly station, electronics, sensitive machinery

Hog Heaven™ Fashion Mat Hog Heaven™ Fashion

5/8" or 7/8"
Fabric topped cushion mat

Closed cell cushion, slip resistant, anti-static

Supreme Sliptech Mat Supreme Sliptech

Pyramid-top anti-fatigue

Slip resistant, worker comfort, leg relief

Work Step Mat Work Step

Rubber drainage mat

Rubber drainage mat with holes, kitchen, dishroom

Ergo Mat Ergo Mat - 474

Corrogated top anti-fatigue

Custom widths, rubber top resists sparks, slip resistant

Blade Runner Mat Blade Runner Mat

Corrugated rib top surface.
Closed cell Polyvinylchloride (PVC) sponge compound.
An exclusive product to our line. Overall thickness - 1/2".
Custom Sizes!

Sorb Stance Mat Sorb Stance Mat

Tray-type mat

Holds sorbent pads that hold water/oil/grease run-off

Happy Feet AntiFatigue Happy Feet AntiFatigue

Rubber anti-fatigue

Colored striped borders, dense rubber cushion

Superflow Mat Superflow Mat

5/8" - Thick
Rubber compound - Material
Drainage, comfort, anti-slip
Tavern, restaurant, hotel, bar, entrance

Corrugated Rubber 1/8" Thick Corrugated Rubber 1/8" Thick

Fine V-Groove Rubber

Warehouse, carpet protection, liner

Workmaster II - High Visibility Matting Workmaster II High Visibility Matting

3/4" Tick
HV Beveled edges

Anti-fatigue, grease resistant drainage mat, kitchens

Durite 108 Mat Durite 108

5/8" - Thick
Recycled rubber - Material
Made of recycled tires

Hog Heaven Prime Mat Hog Heaven Prime Mat

3/4" thick
Urethane foam comfort

Pebble Trax Mat Pebble Trax Mat - 480

Top resists welding sparks

Factory, industrial, anti-fatigue, shift workers

Bubble Mat Bubble Mat

SBR/NR Rubber

Hotel front desk, store cashier, shipping

Cushion-Ease Solid Mat Cushion-Ease Solid Mat

3/4 "
Chemical resistant

Reduces fatigue in dry work areas, interlocking

Cushion-Ease Ergo Mat Cushion-Ease Ergo Mat

3/4 "
Improved ergonomic comfort

Standing comfort in dry work areas, interlocking