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Recessed grates by Pawling

Since 1945 Pawling Corporation has provided customers with superior products and services. At the start, fifteen employees of Pawling Rubber Corporation began making gaskets for ammunition cases for the military in a 25,000-square foot building. A willingness to experiment and respond to customer needs and market opportunities in an innovative way has allowed the company to diversify and grow over the years. Pawling Corporation now has over 100 employees with an on-site manufacturing space, located in eastern New York State halfway between Albany and New York City. Pawling now has two divisions with a variety of products.

Pawling RGA-200 RGA-200 Grate

13 / 16" - Thick
Aluminum - Material
350 lb. max load / wheel

Pawling EM-500 series EM-500 Grate

7 / 16" - Thick
Vinyl - Material
300 lb. max roll load

Pawling RGB-200 RGB-200 Grate

13 / 16" - Thick
Bronze Alloy - Material
350 lb. max roll load

Pawling RG-700 series RG-700 Grate

3/8"; 5/8"; 1-1/8" - Thick
Stainless Steel - Material
500 lb. Max Roll Load

Pawling EM-70 series EM-70 Grate

11/16" - Thick
Aluminum - Material
Recycled Rubber Inserts

Pawling RG-250 Grate RG-250 Grate

3/4" - Thick
Aluminum - Material
1,000 lbs. Max Roll Load

Pawling RG-300; RG-400 Grate RG-300; RG-400 Grate

1-1/2" - Thick
Aluminum - Material
350; 450 lbs. Max Roll Load