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Exterior floor mats

Outdoor entrance mats are multi-taskers; they clean shoes, minimize indoor floor messes, welcome guests and lend a stylish look to your business or home. In addition, these mats help prevent slips and falls when floors are wet or icy. If you are currently renting mats from a service please consider the money you could be saving by purchasing a mat from us. Call or email for prices; we look forward to hearing from you!

Rubber Brush Mat Rubber Brush

5/8" - Thick
Rubber - Material
Flexible rubber fingers
Outdoor entrance, schools, plant, municipal, constrution

Dura-Rug 400 Mat Dura-Rug 400

3/4" - Thick
Recyced rubber - Material
Home or business entrance

Nyracord® Counter Tred Mat Nyracord Counter Tred - Open Slot Rolls

Tough & drainable

Farm, factory, commercial kitchen, walkways

231 Prelude Entrance Mat 231 Prelude Mat

Coarse loop vinyl mat

Performs initial scraping of shoes, busy entrances

Comfort Flow Mat Comfort Flow

3/8" - Thick
100% Nitrile rubber - Material
Slip resistant, fatigue relief, oil/grease proof

Superscrape Impressions Mat Superscrape Impressions

100% Rubber

Logo mat digitally molded into rubber, chemical resistant

Super Scrape Mat Super Scrape Mat

Anti-slip rubber mat

Meets OSHA code, launderable, kitchen, entrance

Brush Hog Mat Brush Hog Entrance Mat

Coarse nylon brush

Agressive scraping, outdoors, rubber border

Vylon 500 Mat Vylon 500 Mat

Vinyl link mat, custom shapes

Fine dining, school, library, day care

Dura-Rib Mat Dura-Rib Mat

Deep, wide rubber grooves

Restaurant, factory, office, garage

Safety Scrape Mat Safety Scrape Mat

Anti-slip rubber mat

Scraper mat, launderable, SWARF

Evergreen Diamond Mat Oct O Flex Mat

Made with recycled nylon

Smart pattern great for all decors

Durite 108 Mat Durite 108

5/8" - Thick
Recycled rubber - Material
Made of recycled tires

AquaFlow Entrance matting AquaFlow Entrance matting

Anti-Slip Rubber

Drains water, scrapes shoes, water proof

gray, blue, black, red, and green VinLoop wet area mats VinLoop Matting

$4.00 / sq. ft. + shipping
3/8" - thick.
0.80 lb / sq. ft.

blue and gray VinWave drainage floor mats VinWave Matting

$2.89 / sq. ft. + shipping
3/8" - thick.
1.10 lb / sq. ft.

gray and blue rolls of VinTube draining mats VinTube Mat

$5.50 / sq. ft. + shipping
1/2" - thick.
0.90 lb / sq. ft.

blue, tan, and white VinWave Mini mat outdoor drainage mats VinWave Mini Mat 1/4"

$4.00 / sq. ft. + shipping
1/4" - thick.
0.70 lb / sq. ft.

blue VinGrate floor mats for wet areas VinGrate Mat

$7.00 / per sq. ft. + shipping
3/8" - thick
1.11 lb./sq. ft.

VinTread commercial wet area mat VinTread Matting

$5.00 / sq. ft. + shipping
3/8" - thick.
0.90 lb / sq. ft.

Rolls of tan, blue, and gray VinAir wet area floor mats VinAir Mat

$6.00 / per sq. ft. + shipping
3/8" - thick
0.77 lb./sq. ft.

black, gray, red, brown and blue VinLoop draining mats with backing VinLoop Mat with Backing

$5.50 / sq. ft. + shipping
1/2" - thick.
1.25 lb / sq. ft.

Super Scrape Plus Mat Super Scrape Plus Mat

Scraper rubber mat

20% Recycled tires, heavy duty

Tile 103 wet area interlocking tiles Tile 103

$1.89 / per tile + shipping
7/16" - thick
0.70 lb. each

Price per tile $1.89
VINTEK Peanut wet area floor tiles Peanut Tile

$2.29 / per tile + shipping
5/16" - thick
0.90 lb. each

Price per tile $2.29
black Grate Tile industrial wet area tiles Grate Tile

$2.29 / per tile + shipping
3/8" - thick
0.90 lb. each

Price per tile $2.29
tan VinTile commercial wet floor tiles VinTile

$2.99 / per tile + shipping
5/8" - thick.
1.25 lb. each

Price per tile $2.99
Super Scrape General Purpose #550 Super Scrape General Purpose #550

Anti-slip rubber drainable mat

100% natural rubber, kitchen, entrance

Soil Guard Mat Soil Guard

HD rubber scraper

Low clearance doorways, basic rubber mat