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Miscellaneous categories

Estes Mat Estes Mat

33 ounce; 3/8"
Hi-low looped pile

Traps and hides dirt, popular style for all decor

Brush Step Mat Brush Step Mat

19 ounce; 3/8"
High/low ribbed design

Medium traffic, plant office, lobby, runners

Enforcer Entrance Matting Enforcer Entrance Matting

7/16" thick
Lengths up to 68 feet

Hotel or restaurant lobby, school, nursing home, office

231 Prelude Entrance Mat 231 Prelude Mat

Coarse loop vinyl mat

Performs initial scraping of shoes, busy entrances

Encore Entrance Mat Encore Mat

80% yarn, 20% vinyl scraper

Inside foyer, heavy traffic, hotel, mall

Ovation Mat Ovation

Superior drying mat

Inside building, lobby, entrance, water absorption and retention

118 Arrow Trax 118 Arrow Trax

38 ounce; 3/8"
Extremely long lasting

Pattern, high traffic, office building, supermarket entrance

117 Heritage Rib Mat 117 Heritage Rib Mat

24 ounce; 3/8"
Ribbed lengthwise

Reception area, bank lobby, boutique, deli

Dante Mat Dante

24 ounce; 3/8"
33% more carpet

Medium traffic, plant office, residential, runners

Polynib Mat Polynib

24 ounce; 1/4"
Berber-look pattern

Elegant look, great colors, matching vinyl backing

Vylon 500 Mat Vylon 500 Mat

Vinyl link mat, custom shapes

Fine dining, school, library, day care

Evergreen Diamond Mat Evergreen Diamond Mat

Made with recycled nylon

Smart pattern great for all decors

Chevron Mat Chevron Mat

24 ounce; 5/16"
Low clearance doorways

Lobby, vestibule, apartment, condominium

Berber Roll Goods Matting Berber Roll Goods Matting

Large area berber matting

Polypropylene berber weave surface

Uptown Mat Uptown Mat

40 ounce; 3/8"
Matching borders

High traffic, supermarkets, large building entrances, airports

Sabre Mat Sabre

19 ounce; 5/16"
Fluffy carpet-like nap

Soaks up loads of moisture; rain, snow, debris

Carpet Tile Pin Design Carpet Tile Pin Design

Carpet-like tiles

Hospital, airport, retail store, school

Miscellaneous categories that did not fit anywhere else