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Logo mats

Make it however you want! Colorful, single color, bold or sophisticated. Our selection of logo mats has something for all tastes and budgets!
Logo mats are not just for displaying a company name or brand image. They are also used by companies to announce safety messages or promote employee morale. Sororities and Fraternities showcase their Greek letters at their campus houses. Museums use images of arrows on logo mats to guide flow of foot traffic. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Ordering logo mat:
For obvious reasons - logo mats are not returnable and non refundable.

Classic Impressions Mat Classic Impressions Logo Mat

26 ounce; 3/8"
Your logo on a mat!

Fine details, shading, digitally printed artwork mats

Waterhog Inlay Logo Mat Waterhog Inlay Logo Mat

24 ounce; 3/8"
Molded nub logo mat

Logo design is laid into Waterhog mat

Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Goods Logo Inlay Waterhog Eco Elite Roll Goods Logo Inlay

30 ounce; 3/8"
Large area logo mat

Logo mat up to 12' x 50'; rubber backing

Superscrape Impressions Mat Superscrape Impressions

100% Rubber

Logo mat digitally molded into rubber, chemical resistant

Vylon 500 Mat Vylon 500 Mat

Vinyl link mat, custom shapes

Fine dining, school, library, day care

Classic Impressions HD Logo Mat Classic Impressions HD Logo Mat

32 ounce; 3/8"
Photgraphic image quality

Vivid colors with crisp definition

Wildlife Floor Mat Wildlife Floor Mat

32 ounce; 3/8"
Beautiful artwork on plush mat

Restaurant, bar, lodge, cabin, home