Recessed mats installation options

Frames and edging options for aluminum matting

Depending on your internet connection speed you may have to wait a few second for all pictures to load. It will be worth it though as you will see in detail aluminum matting installation options and you will be able to make an educated decision what will work for you best.

There are 2 ways aluminum grates can be installed:
  1. On a flat surface
  2. In a recess
Flat surface installation option:
To minimize the tripping hazard it is highly recommended to have beveled edging attached to the sides perpendicular to traffic. Below there are 2 very similar edges. The difference is that they are being used with 2 types of aluminum profiles. One is rubber-hinge where strips are linked with rubber and aluminum-hinge where aluminum strips slide into each other.

Below aluminum mat with frame 544 is shown.

The most popular installation type for these mats is dropping them into a recess in the floor.
Since the mat is being pushed and kicked in different directions it may damage neighboring tiles or chip the edges of the recess so it is recommended to protect those edges with a metal frame. Example is below.

Frame pictured above could be used for surface installation when mat joined with commercial rype of carpet covering .

For high traffic areas a frame such as pictured below is recommended. A frame like this is actually anchored into the underlying concrete for extra security.

Below is a 3/4" Roll Grate with frame 448.

For very high traffic areas mats can be set on frames up to 4 1/8" deep (twice as deep as photo below shows). High traffic grates such as this can handle up to 300 lbs per wheel of rolling weight.
Great for airports and other travel hubs.

Frame 540 shown below is recessed providing a clean finished look to the edges of the mat.

Frame 424 shown below is a cost effective way to protect the flooring around the recessed mat.