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Aqua Trap Mat
Aqua Trap Mat
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Price $6.78 - $9.86 per square foot
Price $6.78 for orders of $500 and up
Price $9.86 small orders (may include shipping)

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Calling us - +1 (310) 734-6036
Emailing us - Sales@MattingExperts.com

Commercial floor mat with matching borders


*Standard Sizes :
2 x 3
3 x 4
3 x 5
3 x 10
4 x 6
4 x 10
Weight :
7 lb
14 lb
17 lb
35 lb
26 lb
47 lb
Custom Sizes : Custom sizing is available in:
3 or 4 foot widths
up to 60 feet in length Shipping weight for custom sizing is 1.10 lbs a square foot (plus packaging) Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery
* Standard Sizes are often pre-cut and in stock so would ship faster than custom sizes
For metric size and weight conversions scroll to the bottom of this page.

Overall thickness is 3/8 (.375 inches/9.525 millimeters)
26 ounces of densely tufted yarn every nine square feet
Bubble pattern with Antimicrobial treated carpet
Rubber backing with cleats resisting mat movement
Carpeted edges on all four sides
Weight is 1.10lbs a square foot
1 Year manufacturer warranty
Hunter Green
Red Black

Slate Blue


Aqua Trap Entrance Matting is made for heavy traffic areas where health may be a concern as the carpet is treated with antimicrobial to stop germs and bacteria from entering the building. Molded bubble pattern perfect for water absorption as well as to trap debris in the mat. Four sided water damn on all four sides that will hold excess water in the mat and off the floors. Rubber cleated backing ensures the mat will not move and can be used as either a hard floor or carpet applications. Mats will mesh well with any surrounding with its carpet to carpet edging.

Recommended for heavy traffic entranceways, such as hotels, professional buildings basically anywhere there is a need for an upscale, elegant mat. Also perfect for anywhere health concerns are an issue like hospitals, clinics, daycares, schools or gyms as the carpet is treated with antimicrobial stopping germs and bacterial at the door. Aqua Trap mats give a clean professional appearance sure to impress everyone! Maintenance is also a breeze as mats are easily rolled up for moving, cleaning, or storage. Manufacturer suggestions on cleaning is below.

Vacuum daily in heavy traffic areas, for mild traffic every other day or as needed for great mat appearance. For a deeper clean use any neutral synthetic soap with warm water, for best results use 1/2 cup soap per gallon of warm water.) If needed; you can use a hand brush to get the more stubborn stains out but scrub lightly and in the direction of fiber. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with cool water leaving it at a slight incline to be sure it dries entirely before using again. To treat an on the spot spill, absorb the liquid with a clean towel blotting it until most of the spill is absorbed. Oil/Grease stains; use a dry cleaning fluid method (NO water) in tiny amounts again blotting until stains are lifted. Manufacture will not be held responsible for any mats that were miss-handled during a cleaning process.


All Aqua Trap Mats (NoTrax products) have been independently tested in the following conditions yielding positive results.
Accelerated Soiling (ASTM D6540-00): for a predetermined length of time the test piece was subjected to an accelerated soiling process. The sample was vacuumed rated submitted to an extraction device and then rated again. Results were based on a visually inspection. Results 2.5 - Vacuum Rating; 4.0 - Rating After Extraction.
Abrasion Resistance (ASTM D3884-01): was done by rubbing two wheels across the surface in a controlled yet wear-away fashion. The results were measured by grams, which was a weight loss of 0.46 (0.9%).
Accelerated Wear: an action of rollers with a specified load. Every sample was rotated ten degrees after every pass. Measured by thickness loss which testing resulted in the following; number of cycles= 12,000, Appearance rating= 2.7- Color change rating= 3.5.
Flammability (ASTM D2859, CPSC FF 1-70) Measuring the mats response as an ignition source within a controlled environment. To pass, the un-charred area must be greater than one inch. Results were: 3.5 Inches Note - Passes Federal Flammability Study.
Water Retention: Sample piece was submerged for five minutes in water, removed - drained for fifteen seconds and weighed. Measured in/for weight gain (gallons per square yard) results: 28.7% (.356).

Standard sizes:
Ship the fastest
2 X 3 ft
0.61x0.91 m
3 X 4 ft
0.91x1.22 m
3 X 5 ft
0.91x1.52 m
3 X 10 ft
0.91x3.05 m
4 X 6 ft
1.22x1.83 m
4 X 10 ft
1.22x3.05 m
Weight: 2.99 kilograms 5.99 kilograms 7.48 kilograms 14.97 kilograms 11.97 kilograms 19.96 kilograms
Custom Sizes: Metric - 0.61 or 1.22 meter widths and up to 18 meters in length. Shipping weight for custom sizing is 5.37 kg a square meter (plus packaging) Allow 1-3wks for delivery

Manufacturer/Notrax part numbers:

150C0036BD 150C0036BR 150C0036BU 150C0036CH 150C0036GN 150C0036GY 150C0036RB 150C0048BD 150C0048BR 150C0048BU 50C0048CH 150C0048GN 150C0048GY 150C0048RB 150S0023BD 150S0023BR 150S0023BU 150S0023CH 150S0023GN 150S0023GY 150S0023RB 150S0034BD 150S0034BR 150S0034BU 150S0034CH 150S0034GN 150S0034GY 150S0034RB 150S0035BD 150S0035BR 150S0035BU 150S0035CH 150S0035GN 150S0035GY 150S0035RB 150S0046BD 150S0046BR 150S0046BU 150S0046CH 150S0046GN 150S0046GY 150S0046RB 150S0310BD 150S0310BR 150S0310BU 150S0310CH 150S0310GN 150S0310GY 150S0310RB 150S0410BD 150S0410BR 150S0410BU 150S0410CH 150S0410GN 150S0410GY 150S0410RB

Manufacturer: NoTrax a product of Superior Manufacturing

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