Superior Manufacturing Group, Inc. introduces the GreenTrax™ program for "Green" - friendly floor matting applications

What is GreenTrax™ ? GreenTrax™ is a program that outlines the key characteristics of a highly efficient entrance mating system for Green Cleaning applications. Entrance mats are not currently Green Approved products, however, they are considered an integral lead in product for an overall Green Cleaning strategy. The GreenTrax™ program is not just a collection of products, but rather solutions for varying levels of commitment to the Green Cleaning movement based on specific characteristics for optimum functionality as a "Highly Efficient Entrance Matting Stystem".

What is Green Cleaning? It's not just the latest trend, fad, or buzz's a full scale movement that's been gaining momentum of over 20 years. Simply defined, Green Cleaning is "cleaning that protects health, without harming the environment." It's a decision and a commitment to use more efficient and environmentally safe cleaning processes, and organizations around the world are recognizing the importance of providing a safer, more productive, sustainable environment for occupants and employees in their facilities. It's also a smart business decision increasing the value and marketability of the facility, while reducing costs associated with its maintenance.

What Role Does Entrance Matting Play? Entrance matting provides a first line of defense against dirt and debris entering a facility, and many organizations mandate the implementation of "Highly Efficient Entrance Matting Systems" as part of their overall cleaning strategy. Entrance matting traps and holds potential contaminants that are carried into a faciity improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and reducing the migration of dirt and moisture throughout the facility. In addition, matting systems reduce the need for potentially harmful floor care chemicals as well as the labor costs associated with floor maintenance.