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Frontier Mat
Frontier Mat

Around $5.00 / sq. ft. (varies depending on order size) per square foot
Price $5.00 for orders of $500 and up
Price $5.00small orders (may include shipping)

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Calling us - +1 (310) 734-6036
Emailing us - Sales@MattingExperts.com

Water draining mat for shower and pool
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*Standard Sizes :
2 x 3
3 x 5
3 x 10
4 x 6
4 x 8
Weight :
5 lb
12 lb
24 lb
18 lb
24 lb
Custom Sizes : Custom sizing is available in: 3, or 4 foot widths up to 60 feet in length Shipping weight for custom sizing is 1.50 lbs a square foot (plus packaging) Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery
Full Rolls: 3 x 60 feet = 124 lbs, 4 x 60 feet = 164 lbs
* Standard Sizes are often pre-cut and in stock so would ship faster than custom sizes. For metric size and weight conversions scroll to the bottom of this page.

3/8 Thick (.375 inches / 9.53 millimeters)
Vinyl/PVC 'Soft to touch'
Extruded Loops
Un-backed for ultimate draining
Straight Edges all four sides (Black Beveled edge - Contact sales for pricing)
Weight is 1.50 lbs a square foot
Dark Gray
Edging Style:
Beveled Edging
Straight Edging


437 Frontier matting is a universal material that can be used indoors or out as well as around your home or business. Material is designed without a backing or edges ententionally for ultimate draining.Frontier matting is stain, mold, mildew and UV resistant. Mats will not curl, tear, crush, fade, or dry out; making it ideal for around pools, hot tubs, shower rooms, or even water fountains as it will keep the top surface dry and free from slips while draining the water out from underneath. It will also collect sand, dirt and mock under the mat for later cleaning; keeping it from being brought indoors. Use as an entrance mat for your home or business, use in play rooms, to cover a wood decks or locker room floors Your options with Frontier is pretty limitless as it is perfect for anywhere! Light weight, comfortable for bare feet and rolls up easy for cleaning or storage. For an additional charge black beveled edging can be applied to the edges for a more eligant look - Contact sales for pricing. Cleaning is also a breeze, simply shake off any debris that has collected and spray with vinyl safe, non-bleach cleaner, if desired. Be sure to rinse suds out thoroughly before placing back into use. Similar to VinLoop by Matting Experts, Dura Loop by Durable, and Superiors Wayfarer vinyl/PVC matting. Also known as spaghetti loop mat, pvc mat, vinyl loop mat, or vinyl swirl mats.

Hose off as needed or for a deeper clean using a Vinyl safe cleaner, rinsing thoroughly before placing back into use.


Frontier Mats have been independently tested in the following conditions yielding positive results.

  • Density (ASTMD792A1) 1.28 +/- 0.02 grams
  • Hardness (ASTMC2240) 68 +/- 3 Shore A

    Standard sizes:
    Ship the fastest
    2 X 3 ft
    0.61x0.91 m
    3 X 5 ft
    0.91x1.52 m
    3 X 10 ft
    0.91x3.05 m
    4 X 6 ft
    1.22x1.83 m
    4 X 8 ft
    1.22x2.44 m
    Weight: 4.08 kilograms 10.21 kilograms 20.41kilograms 16.33 kilograms 11.57 kilograms
    Custom Sizes: Metric - 0.91 and 1.22 meter widths and up to 18 meters in length. Shipping weight for custom sizing is 7.32 kg a square meter (plus packaging) Allow 1-3wks for delivery
    Full Rolls: Metric - 0.91 x 18 m = 57 kg and 1.22 x 18 m = 75 kg
    Manufacturer part number: 437 Frontier Mat

    Manufacturer: The Andersen Company

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