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Entrance matting BUILDING TYPE
Entrance mat BUILDING TYPE
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    Residential Single Family:
    Whether a single family home or a multi-unit building, quality entrance mats are a must. Choose from an array of colors and textures in the carpet-like category. Higher traffic entrances call for a mat that scrapes and dries shoes and that is large enough for traffic to stay on it for several steps. Architectural homes might even make use of a recessed mat such as our vinyl backed coco style. Upscale high rise residences often chose a logo mat in a custom shape and larger size for their doorway. Smaller apartment buildings that do not staff full time on-site staff need multiple mats in popular walkways to keep the lobby clean and prevent slips and falls.
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    Corporate Office Building:
    Employees, vendors, suppliers, clients…add up to foot traffic. The question is, do you allow these feet to carry dirt and muck into your office? It is not necessary! Put a nice rubber scraper mat outside the door and a few well-placed walkoff mats around the place and the mess is contained. A high rise office building might benefit most from wide and long runners since it is likely the floors there are marble or some other very slippery surface. Some office buildings have a vestibule between two sets of doors where oversize matting would be best. The loading dock of such a building will be another important place to contain debris. Delivery personnel bringing packages, water bottles, etc. will not track up your building’s interior if you make sure there are mats there to clean their boots.
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    Manufacturing Plant:
    Front office, delivery and loading dock. Depending on the type of manufacturing going on at your plant, there is sure to be a need for wiper and scraper mats. The facility might be located in a yard where all manner of floor contaminants may be present. And what about that pesky swarf? Would you believe a rubber entrance mat is also the popular choice for catching this material? It’s true.
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    A hospital or airport:
    will require a multi-stage system of mats at each entrance. Starting outside the building there can be rubber scrapers and launderable wipers. Almost all hospitals and airports have two sets of doors with a walkway in between them. For this area heavy duty framed mats are often used. Once inside the main entrance there needs to be secondary mats to catch any leftover debris or moisture that was missed on the main mat. ;
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    It is so important to keep costs down in any economy as well as to attract and keep visitors coming to your business. This is especially the case in a hotel since image and cleanliness are key factors in repeat business and good reviews. Custom mats in the lobby as well as sound-muffling walk off mats all around the facility will add that certain touch. Appropriate matting will ensure a comfortable visit for your guests every visit.
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    Retail Store:
    A small family owned grocery store will need a multi-tasking scraper/wiper mat. On the other hand, an upscale national chain store might chose a recessed coco mat. Big box stores often showcase their brand logo at the entrance on an oversized custom logo mat. One popular retail pharmacy chain uses carpet tiles in their entire store!
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