Industrial matting materials and surface types


Carpet-like – smooth surface
Great job of wiping moisture and dislodging debris from shoes. Mats of this type resemble very low pile carpeting. A wider variety of widths and lengths are available in this type mat due to the way they are manufactured. Decors that are busy with patterns and textures benefit from mats like this since they are visually simple and able to blend in rather than stand out.

Scraper carpet-like mats
Offer a wonderful marriage of wiping and scraping. The most aggressive scrapers in this category are made in a mold that results in raised nubs. These nubs are then covered in the carpet-like material. The result is a decorative and stylish mat that “secretly” scrapes bottom of shoes. A wide variety of colors are available in this sort of mat. One drawback, however, are the limited sizes this mat can be made in. Due to the process of having to be made in a mold, manufacturers only offer these in the more popular sizes. There are lower profile scraper/wiper mats available as well. These are not made in molds. The pattern of the face texture is molded into a high/low design allowing for a wider range of sizes. The “valleys” in between the raised areas are not quite as deep as the molded rubber scraper/wipers but still offer a place for debris to fall keeping it off the top of the mat surface.

Rubber entrance mats
Rubber entrance mats offer years of service in all sorts of weather. They are also easy to clean by shaking out and/or hosing off. These are offered in finger, coarse grit and low-profile scraping varieties. The finger mats aggressively scrape shoes and store loads of rocks and dirt. Coarse grit particles are impregnated into rubber mats effectively cleaning shoes in all types of weather. Low profile scrapers are great used outside entrances since they are economical and very easy to maintain. Additionally, these mats fit underneath very low swinging doors when others are too thick to do so.

Aluminum frame mats
Aluminum frame mats (also called grates) offer years of service and upscale, heavy duty performance. Mats of this sort can be set in a recessed area in the entry way or, with added beveled edges, can be placed on top of existing flooring. The inserts on these vary from nylon carpet, carpet with brush fibers, hard vinyl peaks or coarse grit embedded into hard vinyl. There are many frame options available to suit every situation. Super heavy duty grates can be made as deep as 4 1/8”. Having the mat set above the surface underneath allows for massive amounts of debris to collect. This saves maintenance time and costs while keeping dirt and muck trapped at the front door.

Mats made of vinyl
Mats made of vinyl formed into a “frozen spaghetti” shape or closed loop shape are an economical and easy to clean choice. Most often used outdoors or by drinking fountains these mats trap debris, scrape shoes and are waterproof and are waterproof.