Recessed grates 448 installation

Installing recessed grate system number 448

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Installation Instructions for Frame #448

Note: Before installation begins, make sure that the traffic direction is correct and the rails run perpendicular to the traffic flow.
 Entrance grate frame 448

1. Prepare the floor recess

Prepare a recess in the concrete flooring where the grate will be located. The recess should be at least:
  • 1 and 1/8” deep (subtract finished floor depth from the frame depth – this will be your total block-out depth.
  • 4” wider than the outside dimensions of the frame – this allows 2” on all sides to maneuver the frame into position.
  •  Securing floor grate frame in recess

    2. Assemble frame, drill anchor holes and secure frame in recess.

    After the recess has been formed and prepared:
  • Assemble frame pieces using the corner locks provided at each corner – the frame has been mitered to allow for quick assembly
  • Set assembled frame into the recessed opening – square and plumb the frame to the opening and finished floor
    NOTE: if necessary, shim under the frame sections so that the top edge of the frame is flush with the finished floor
  • Once the frame is in place, drills holes in frame every 2’ for the screws and secure using hardware provided.
  •  Anchoring frame in recess

    3. Pour concrete/grout and level

  • Pour concrete/grout in the center and around edges flush with the surrounding concrete
  • Level the concrete/grout in the center of the frame by using a board slightly shorter than the width of the frame
  • NOTE: be very careful to insure concrete is smooth and level with the frame – this will allow the grate to lay flat and avoid rocking
     Pouring grout concrete around the frame

    4. Recheck all dimensions

    Before the concrete sets, recheck that:
  • The frame sides are straight
  • The frame corners are at correct angles so the grate will fit properly
  • All inside dimensions of the frame are accurate according to drawing measurements
  • If the frame bows inward, use spreaders inside the frame until the concrete is thoroughly set.

    IMPORTANT: The grate is made to fit snugly into the frame according to the drawing. Manufacturer nor distributor cannot be responsible for problems that result from improperly installed frames.

    5. Protect the frame edges

    When the concrete has hardened, install plywood or other material in the recess to protect the frame edges from damage until the grate is installed.