We may sell you something else than you asked for...
Article - use our expertise to get creative and purchase what you need

You may buy from us something different from what you were initially looking for…

Every now and then (actually, quite often, come to think of it!) I get a customer call asking about a specific mat and end up selling them something unexpected.

Customers of this ilk come from various avenues. Sometimes they have been given a brand and style of mat they are supposed to research for someone else. Other times, they call with an idea they came up with and thought, “Matting Experts can help me! After all, they ARE experts, right?!” Wherever these special customers come from I love them and enjoy working together with them to solve their matting needs. :

Carpet-like mat search resulted in rubber slotted mat purchase:
slotted heavy duty rubber mat
An example that comes to mind is a gentleman that called needing to prevent slips on a wooden bridge in an outdoor park. He thought maybe some sort of carpet-like mat would do the trick but I ended up selling him Nyracord Counter Tread which worked out great for him after he bolted it down in a few places.

Initial search for 3 foot logo mat results in bigger mat:

Logo mat
Another instance comes to mind involving a logo mat customer. She and I went back and forth with emails and proof drawings for at least a week before we landed on a solution we could both live with. The problem was that she was trying to fit her company logo and their slogan on a small mat in order to make it fit in front of a 3 foot wide entrance door. The logo mat manufacturer could not produce their logo and slogan on such a small met. At some point during our chats I had a “Moment of Clarity” and suggested she get a 4' wide mat and let it be wider than the doorway. It was kind of an obvious solution but neither one of us had thought of it! The day she received her mats she was so pleased with how they turned out she took time to email me her thanks along with photos of the mats in their new home.

Buyer gets mats for airplane wing repair.
Solid recycled rubber mats 
Yet another customer called one day in search of some sort of mat to place on airplane wings while they were being repaired. The mats could not damage the wing but had to provide traction and padding for the maintenance staff. After speaking with him for a while I determined that one of our recycled tire mats would do the trick: Nyracord Smooth Runner. After I sent him a sample of this mat, he agreed it would do the trick and was pleased it came from recycled tires.

Industrial modular anti-fatigue mat ends up in a residential kitchen.
Ergo deck modular mats 
Then there were the “Smiths”…an older couple looking to provide almost wall-to-wall anti-fatigue matting in their kitchen. They first called inquiring about a mat called Grand Stand because it features a wipe-clean vinyl top that protects cushy PVC foam underneath. It is a decent solution in a home kitchen as the floors there generally do not get overly wet. In addition, the topper material comes in several décor friendly color choices. I sent them samples of this mat and in the mean time they emailed me detailed drawings and photos of their kitchen. Unfortunately the manufacturer of the Grand Stand mat was not able to accommodate the custom cuts and corners this customer was looking for. Back to the drawing board! Since none of our other vinyl topped PVC foam mats would work either, I had to steer them away from the nice color choices and towards something that was going to fit the dimensions for them. That led me to one of our interlocking products, Ergo Deck.

This was not as good looking as the Grand Stand but it is very easy to trim and customize on-site and has beveled ramp edges to help the mat not be a trip hazard. Ultimately this is what they chose and were very happy with the results.

The moral of this story is that if you are not 100% sure you know what mat you need OR you have no earthly idea about it…you should really contact Matting Experts. Let us put our heads together and draw from our 13-plus manufacturers to see if we can solve your matting conundrum.

Keep your feet and floors happy and your mood shall follow!