Anti-static matting is formulated to absorb static electricity. This matting drains static from worker keeping sensitive circuitry from damage.
This NoTrax® exclusive fiber is made with a much higher denier polypropylene yarn. Products that are manufactured with Decalon® offer superb wear resistance, exceptional moisture retention and crisp, clean pattern appearance in coordinating colors.
Denier is defined as the thickness of the yarn strand. Combined with the face weight (ounces of yarn per square yard), and the density or volume of yarn strands, it is a critical factor in the performance, quality and durability of an entrance mat. NoTrax® competitors define their quality in terms of face weight only.
A revolutionary process perfected by Superior Manufacturing Group that creates a tough protective barrier on the surface of select foam anti-fatigue matting products. Dyna-Shield® mats have greater tensile strength, and are more resistant to wear than traditional sponge matting.
Insulative PVC matting is formulated to provide insulation to the worker from being grounded thus preventing electrical shock.
A traditional manufacturing process for carpet matting, needlepunch is engineered with a unique blend of four denier thicknesses of yarn ranging from very fine to very thick. Needlepunch products are typically more durable, offering better crush resistance and wearability due to the density of the yarn used in the process.
Nitrile Rubber
A rubber compound specifically engineered for use in the harshest environments due to its increased resistance to many chemicals, oils, greases, and animal fats. Nitrile rubber also provides increased gas permeability, thermal stability, and abrasion resistance. Niru® is the NoTrax® trademarked name for Nitrile rubber compound.
A manufacturing process used for carpet matting, tufted products are sewn into a backing after using a finer yarn. Tufted mats generally are less dense and offer better moisture retention. Tufted products also have more flexibility with colors and patterns providing a more aesthetic finished product.
A revolutionary bonding process that uses heat and pressure to fuse a floor matting top surface to a base material. The end result is a finished product that is virtually a single piece, thereby eliminating the possibility of de-lamination.