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Automotive and RTV General Cleaners
Industrial Odor Neutralizers
Zenex International provides quality aerosol solutions for every type of need. Quality aerosols with unique dispensing tops that allow for ease of use, from full room foggers to 360 degree control tops Zenex International provides the perfect solution for any job.

odor neutralizers Odor Neutralizers - full release aerosol sprays and foggers
  • neutralizes malodors
  • long lasting pleasant scent
  • no fall out and non-staining
General Cleaners and Disinfectancts General Cleaners / Disinfectants - directional aerosols
  • heavy duty and professional cleaners
  • sprays, foams, and gels
  • degreasers, polishes, strippers, and more
Industrial and Lubricants Industrial / Lubricants - 360 degree aerosol control
  • industrial and heavy duty use
  • lubricants, solvents, polishes, coolants, adhesives, and more
  • clean, protect, and seal for many manufacturing jobs
Automotive and RTV Automotive / RTV - 360 degree aerosol control
  • automotive and RTV care
  • cleaning, detailing, sealants, and more
  • RTV gasket makers and waterproofing