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Conventional weight room matting is designed to absorb the impact of heavy weights that are being set on or dropped on the floor.  Weight room matting is essentially a thick, heavy rubber slab.  If you don't think you need such heavy duty protection – please browse our Industrial mats.

Skate/Spike Resistant Matting Weight Room Matting Lock-Tile PVC Floor Tile
Skate/Spike Resistant Matting Weight Room Matting Lock-Tile Coin Top Floor Tile
 Protects floors from spikes/skates

Golf club house, ice-skating rink, hockey club, parks department
1/2" or 3/4"
 Textured top surface

Weight room, cardio room, health club, home gym
PVC interlocking floor tiles

Garage, car dealership, basement
Dura-Speck Sports Floor Nyracord® Floor Saver Mat
Our Price: $109.95
Dura-Speck Sports Floor Mat Nyracord® Floor Saver Mat
1/4" or 3/8"
Sound and shock absorption

Gyms, play areas, martial arts, weight room
100% Recycled, Super HD

Bovine, Steel warehouse, Trailer, Stables, Forklift traffic