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Locker Room / Shower Mats Yoga/Pilates/Balance Mats
Locker shower mats

Locker room and shower mats open backing mats that allow water to drain.

Yoga and Pilates mat selection

Yoga and Pilates mats and other equipment

Yoga blocks
Balance pad
Balance dome
Balance wedge
Wobble board
Balance step
Balance ball
(fitness ball)

Weightroom Mats
Weight Room Matting

Weight room matting is designed to absorb impact of heavy weights that are being set on the floor or may accidentally fall.

For sporting events, yoga, Pilates, weight rooms, wrestling, gymnastics, tumbling, martial arts, aerobics and more. If you do not see what you are looking for contact us and let us know. Chances are that we have them but they just are not listed here.
If you are looking for other AAI / Spalding mats or sports equipment that you do not see here please let us know. We are trying to keep matting the main subject of this store, but we have a full line of AAI sports equipment.