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Extruded vinyl spaghetti like woven matting for water draining applications VinTube - hollow tube/straw floor mat for wet area
$3.00 / sq. ft. plus shipping charges
0.80 lb / sq. ft.
1/2" - thick
Woven Vinyl construction

Universal indoor / outdoor lightweight latex free mat. Open backing for draining.
$3.00 / sq. ft. plus shipping charges
0.90 lb / sq. ft.
1/2" - thick.
Hollow Vinyl Tube construction

Hollow vinyl tubes / straws molded to the black cross tubes on the bottom. Very soft and pleasant feel.

Cushion Grid Duckboard
VinWave commercial shower / door matting Cushion Grid Duckboard
$3.00 / sq. ft. plus shipping charges
1.10 lb / sq. ft.
3/8" - thick.
Woven Vinyl construction

Universal indoor / outdoor Vinyl mat. wave like shaped vinyl iscolating between straigh winyl pieces.
Around $6.00 / sq. ft. (varies by order size)
1.10 lb / sq. ft.
1/2" - thick.
Hollow tube / straw construction

Very similar to VinTube but more colors available

Cushion Station Mat
Heronrib Mat Cushion Station Mat
Around $13.00 / sq. ft. (varies by order size)
0.7 lb / sq. ft.
3/8" - thick.
Solid thread construction

Firm and durable. Treads densly packed making it more comfortable on bare feet.
Fixed sizes only
0.8 lb / sq. ft.
7/16" - thick.
Closed cell Nitrile rubber construction

Molded 9 fixed sizes. Available with or without perforations. Bevelled finished borders..

Color Cushion Tiles
Dura Loop Mat Color Cushion Tiles
Around $4.00 / sq. ft. + shipping (varies depending on order size)
0.8 lb / sq. ft.
3/8" - thick, 1/2" - thick with solid backing.
Woven Vinyl spaghetti construction

Same as VinLoop but comes from different manufacturer so may have different colors and other options
Around $7.00 / per 12" x 12" tile.
1.5 lb / sq. ft. (tile)
3/4" - thick.
Recycled PVC tiles

Borders and corners are available for nice finished areas.

Wayfarer Custom
Frontier Mat
Wayfarer Custom Mat Frontier Mat
Around $10.00 / sq. ft. (varies depending on order size)
0.9 lb / sq. ft.
1/2" - thick
Woven Vinyl spaghetti construction

Very similar to VinLoop but comes from different manufacturer. Rolls up to 60 feet and different set of colors.
Around $5.00 / sq. ft. (varies depending on order size)
1.2 lb / sq. ft. (tile)
3/8" - thick.
Vinyl construction

Very similar to VinLoop but comes is a bit thinner that may be essential if clearance under doors and/or equipment doesn't allow for a thicker mat.

Anti-Slip Tapes
Anti Slip Tape
Self-ddhesive tapes and patches with abrasive surface for those places where mat is not an option.
Swimming pool mats water drainage mats to keep wet areas dry and walking surfaces safe. They trap dirt, debris and drain water or other liquids. Usually, indoor and outdoor swimming pools may have low volume foot traffic as well as very high traffic in public or community pools. It is not a secret that liquid on surfaces makes them slippery so having an anti-slip mat helps to reduce slips and falls. Slip / fall accidents for you, your guests, visitors and or employees are usually not the most pleasant situations to deal with to say the least so investing in a good quality, durable shower runners may proof to be a very smart move and this is the least you can and should do. Covering walking areas covered with these runners thus increasing traction will reduce or even eliminate slip and fall accidents and injuries.<br><br>

Pool mats have the most significant impact of making wet areas safe, it is very important to use water drainage mats to keep those areas dry as possible, safe and clean. Swimming pool mat ans a very simple yet very effective in achieving safe environment. Nowadays acquiring a good quality mat will not break the bank of any organization that can afford maintaining a swimming pool. Buy whole roll and cut it to make surfaces more safe in any location where water may be dripping on the floor - changing rooms, showers, locker rooms, saunas, hot tubs, SPAs, water parks, drinking fountains, recessed wells and so on.. The design wet area mats provides instant solution for slippery floors. Open backing construction allows for easy water draining. Made of extruded vinyl material, our most popular product so far is un-backed VinLoop runner. Constructed from spaghetti-like extruded vinyl loops is also the softest and most comfortable on bare feet in your swimming pool area. Unbaked vinyl loop pattern allows liquid to drain through the mat easily. Highly effective and comes in fairly many colors to fit your interior. Also being about half inch thick and soft this rug will provide additional cushion and reduce fatigue. These mats are excellent not only in dealing with splashing water, but also making it look stylish and colorful around your swimming pools using one or more of eye-catching colors.<br><br>

Vinyl swimming pool mats are wet area matting for safety and hygiene. Mats are latex free. They are UV resistant but up to a certain point. If used in locations that never see snow and get hot sun more than 50% of the time some fading will occur on about a year. So get the colors that you'd like even a few shades lighter. Most people can deal with lighter grey or lighter blue color. However if you get the red mat keep in mind that it will start turning pink. If this is the "your" color - GREAT. Again - this is for places such as Arizona, Florida, Hawaii... if you in Miwest or somewhere in Canada - you should not be concerned about it.
Another benefit of this matting is that it will not retain and pass the heat to your feet. They will be warm or hot on the hot day but being lower density than concrete and having fewer contact points with your feet - they will not feel nearly as hot as the solid hard surfaces. <br><br>

Closing your swimming pool for winter? - mats will roll up easy for cleaning and storage. Lightweight and effortless to handle (unless you get a very large piece or full roll). Cleaning - shake it out, hose off. Be careful with pressure washers. Some pressure washers can peel the paint of your car so mat will fall apart under this kind of pressure, Using weak bleach solutions, soaps, other household cleaning solutions - no problem. Make sure to rinse them well though as soapy mat is even more slippery than wet floor. Make sure you clean the floor before you put them back..
Need custom shapes (bathrooms, boats, boiler rooms) or not sure if the size you are ordering will fit in the space? - order a bit larger than you think you need as vinyl can easily be cut and trimmed with a utility knife - just use new blade. <br>
Very flexible pool mat that can be used in industrial, commercial, and residential facilities. Use them by the entrance doors, foyer areas, decks . Mat will trap dirt and debris at home or work just as well as around pool areas. offers wide variety of swimming pool matting for wet applications, from multiple manufacturers as well as our own products VinLoop, VinWave and VinTube. <br><br>

Here on you can find a large choice of swimming pool mats and decking options for both inside and outside use to place around the pool areas. Wet area matting offers support and safety in slippery conditions. Browse our selection and shop around, also feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help to choose a mat which is right for your matter. We are open to custom cut your pool mats, from almost every size which are given! Give us a call at 1-708-853-0461 or contact us to order swimming pool area floor mats for your facility.