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Stop dirt before it ever gets into your building! Outdoor rugs provide excellent scraping action and dirt removal from foot traffic. Site-specific selections tailored to your industrial, office, warehouse, foyer, or commercial entrance doors. We offer multiple, versatile styles, and sizes sure to fit your needs. Let one of our Matting Experts help you select the ideal solution for use in light, medium and heavy traffic building entryway. There are not many mats available for outdoor use mostly due to exposure to direct sunlight. UV rays are known to make materials deteriorate and fall apart very quickly. Selection of entryway rugs below will withstand mild to harsh weather elements as well as hold up to UV rays.

DuraLoop Matting

Perfect outdoor or indoor matting that provides traction while allowing water and dirt to soak through and leave the surface dry and clean. UV protection helps this mat to resist fading in direct sunlight, making this perfect for outdoor pool matting or entrance matting. Not a good choice for use in freezing conditions, ice will form where the water drains into the coils, causing a slipping hazard.

  • GREAT for outside entranceway use in non-freezing temperatures.
  • Multi-directional surface scrapes and reduces tripping.
  • Extruded vinyl, noncombustible and UV Stable.
  • For use outdoors or indoors, resists fading in sunlight.
  • Plasticized coating extends mat life and prevents fraying.
  • Easy to maintain and clean, shake out and hose down.
  • Resists mildew and most chemicals.
  • Tight weave reduces entrapment of stones and debris.
  • Water sinks into coils leaving surface clean and dry.

Choose from Standard Duty in 3/8" thickness with vinyl backing and heat sealed borders (for standard sizes only) other sizes does vary. Heavy Duty Dura Loop material is a 1/2" thick without backing and borders. Also available in Full Rolls 3' x 20' and 4' x 20'. Custom sizes in 3' and 4' widths up to 20' as well. Please contact us for pricing.

The Looper Matting

Highly versatile exterior rug matting designed for year-round use. Holds up to rain and snow and dries quickly to prevent ice buildup. Available in several standard sizes. Also customizable with widths of 3ft and 4ft up to 60ft in length. Great selection for having as outdoor mat, entryway mat, or anywhere where a rugged mat that can take rain and snow is needed.

  • Rugged indoor or outdoor entranceway rug for year-round use.
  • Vinyl coated nylon loops hold up to weather.
  • Dries quickly with a slip resistant vinyl backing.
  • 1/4" thick loops wipe and scrape off dirt and debris.
  • Year-round use in outside rain or snow conditions.

Durite Tire Link Mat
Tire Link Mat (Durite)

The Original Tire Link Mat - at an entrance it stands up to weather and traffic helping create a safe pathway in wet or dry conditions. Also perfect for in-plant applications at workstations, along assembly lines, in front of machines or in aisles and passageways. Every 12 square feet of this matting contains one entire recycled tire with rustproof spring steel links for long wear. Durite 108 is 5/8 thick and is available in ten standard sizes for fast shipping, as well as customizable configurations. Custom sizes take longer to ship but you can get them in the size you need. Mats are easily rolled up for thorough cleaning and convenient storage. These are very heavy mats, they weigh 2.5 pounds per square foot, so 4 x 10 foot mat will weigh 100 pounds. Available in Straight weave or Herringbone weave pattern for excellent drainage and dirt retention. Try this tough mat at your front door for years of service. This rug is often used as a recessed mat too.

  • Toughest outdoor entranceway mat we carry!
  • Stands up to weather and traffic.
  • Good for safe pathways and in-plant applications.
  • 12 sq feet contain one entire recycled tire.
  • Long wearing and good for heavy traffic.
  • Come in straight weave or herringbone patterns.
  • Excellent drainage and dirt retention.

Cocoa Entry Mat
Cocoa Entry Matting

1 Thick (38mm approximately) Natural Cocoa fibers are woven into a dense high pile mat. The rough absorbent fibers effectively trap dirt and moisture and hold up under busy foot traffic. Available in a variety of sizes that are sure to fit any style entryway. Easy to maintain; clean with hose or vacuum.

  • Made from natural Cocoa fibers.
  • Woven into a dense high pile mat.
  • Rough and absorbent fibers trap dirt and moisture.
  • Holds up under busy foot traffic.
  • Perfect indoor or outdoor matting for entraceways.
  • Easy to maintain, clean with hose and vacuum.

Super Scrape Eco Mat
Super Scrape Eco

Truly a "go-to" mat for various entranceways! Raised and textured molded tread pattern scrapes grime off shoes and prevents slipping. 95% post consumer recycled tires. 3/8 Thick Multi-directional molded surface pattern effectively scrapes tough dirt and grime off shoes and provides an excellent anti-slip surface. Heavy weight helps keep mat in place even with cart traffic. Highly recommended for use with outside entrances and is equally as effective with inside applications where slip resistance is required. Available in 3 standard sizes, 2ft x 3ft, 3ft x 5ft and 4ft x 6ft. Easy to maintain, sweep clean of debris, can use power washer or hose to wash clean using a natural PH detergent.

  • Perfect "go-to" mat for entranceways.
  • 3/8" Thick Raised and textured molded tread pattern.
  • Scrapes grime off shoes and prevents slipping.
  • Made of 95% post consumer recycled tires.
  • Heavy weight keeps mat in place even with cart traffic.
  • Easy to clean, sweep of debris wash with hose.
  • For use indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor rugs whether used for your commercial entryways or your foyer entryways is a good defense against indoor floor messes. They reduce outdoor mock from contaminating floors, trap and lock dirt for later removal, as well as create a safe dry entryway into your business or home. They welcome guests and lend a stylish look! In addition these entrance rugs will help prevent slips and falls upon entering the building and/or home. If you are currently renting rugs for your commercial entranceways from a service please consider the money you could be saving by purchasing a rug from us. Our entrance mats are designed for buildings that have higher foot traffic as well as a wide selection on residential foyer rugs. Outdoor rugs/Entryway rugs are the best ally in keeping the floors of your facility clean and safe, reducing maintenance costs. A good floor matting program identifies the right outdoor rug type and size depending on the location, traffic and weather conditions. Our outdoor rugs are specifically designed to target any exterior need. High quality materials are used to guarantee the best performance in any type of environment. From heavy duty entrance rugs with rubber backing to custom carpet like, vinyl like or non-slip recycled rubbers for outdoor rugs with light traffic. Above are just a few of the styles we offer. Contact one of our Matting Experts to hear of the other styles/variety of commercial entryway rugs available to you.