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Essentially, waterproof. An outdoor entrance mat is one that can handle all kinds of "falling weather". What distinguishes these from regular entrance mats is that they will not dissolve or become otherwise damaged when confronted with rain or snow. Many mats in this category are made entirely of vinyl or rubber. Easily cleaned by shaking out, hosing off and hanging dry.

Rubber Brush Mat Rubber Brush

5/8" - Thick
Rubber - Material
Flexible rubber fingers
Outdoor entrance, schools, plant, municipal, constrution

Dura-Rug 400 Mat Dura-Rug 400

3/4" - Thick
Recyced rubber - Material
Home or business entrance

Cocoa Entry Mat Cocoa Entry Mat

1 1/2"
Natural cocoa fibers

Front entrance, long-lasting, coconut shell fibers

231 Prelude Entrance Mat 231 Prelude Mat

Coarse loop vinyl mat

Performs initial scraping of shoes, busy entrances

Comfort Flow Mat Comfort Flow

3/8" - Thick
100% Nitrile rubber - Material
Slip resistant, fatigue relief, oil/grease proof

Super Scrape Mat Super Scrape Mat

Anti-slip rubber mat

Meets OSHA code, launderable, kitchen, entrance

Brush Hog Mat Brush Hog Entrance Mat

Coarse nylon brush

Agressive scraping, outdoors, rubber border

Vylon 500 Mat Vylon 500 Mat

Vinyl link mat, custom shapes

Fine dining, school, library, day care

Dura-Rib Mat Dura-Rib Mat

Deep, wide rubber grooves

Restaurant, factory, office, garage

Safety Scrape Mat Safety Scrape Mat

Anti-slip rubber mat

Scraper mat, launderable, SWARF

Durite 108 Mat Durite 108

5/8" - Thick
Recycled rubber - Material
Made of recycled tires

AquaFlow Entrance matting AquaFlow Entrance matting

Anti-Slip Rubber

Drains water, scrapes shoes, water proof

Clean Scrape Outdoor Matting Clean Scrape Outdoor Matting

Recycled rubber with grit

Aggressive cleaning mat, raised border, easily cleaned

Super Scrape General Purpose #550 Super Scrape General Purpose #550

 Anti-slip rubber drainable mat

100% natural rubber, kitchen, entrance

Soil Guard Mat Soil Guard

HD rubber scraper

Low clearance doorways, basic rubber mat