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Kitchen grease proof mats GREASE PROOF / ANTI-FATIGUE
Holes for liquid drainage.

Restaurant, food processing plant, packing house, kitchen...
Some have beveled edges
Some are interlocking tiles
Fixed sizes or rolled goods
Liquid drainage
Slip resistant

Antifatigue restaurant mat CUSHIONED MATS - DRY AREAS
Padded with layer of closed cell foam for worker comfort.

If your facility has work stations in dry areas - padded mats are recommended. Chose mats that have some texture on the surface to improve traction and reduce slipping hazard. Some grease or oil may be carried on shoe soles from kitchen area.
Order entry station
Host or hostess
Cashier mats
Anti-fatigue padded
Dry area

Kitchen cart traffic mats CART TRAFFIC/ANTI-SLIP
Thinner solid anti-slip mats for safety and cart traffic.

Some are perforated to drain liquids and/or with grit surface for ultimate traction.
Order pickup
Dish room
Kitchen entry
Slotted for drainage
Firm for cart wheels
Traction, traction, traction

Kitchen freezer mat FREEZER MAT
Compound formulated to withstand very low temperatures.
Restaurant refrigerators, meat lockers, food processing freezer rooms

Bar mat BAR MAT
Matting selection for glassware as well as for drink prep area.
Concession stand, bar, drying rack.

Restaurant entry mats RESTAURANT ENTRANCE MATS
Carpet like mats to trap dirt, absorb moisture and improve acoustics.
Restaurant entrance, slippery walkways in dining room

Kitchen cart traffic mats LOGO MATS
Carpet like floor mats to trap dirt, absorb moisture and improve looks and acoustics.
Restaurant entrance, vestibule, carry-out window

Drainage mat Cushion-Ease Mat

Anti-fatigue/anti-slip mat

Multi-nib backing facilitates fluid drainage, interlocking

Work Step Mat Work Step

 Rubber drainage mat

Rubber drainage mat with holes, kitchen, dishroom

Comfort Flow Mat Comfort Flow

3/8" - Thick
100% Nitrile rubber - Material
Slip resistant, fatigue relief, oil/grease proof

Superflow Mat Superflow Mat

5/8" - Thick
Rubber compound - Material
Drainage, comfort, anti-slip
Tavern, restaurant, hotel, bar, entrance

Grease Hog Floor Mat Grease Hog Floor Mat

Grease proof backing mat

Non-slip, grease trapping mat

It is important to consider your employee's safety and comfort as it results in better, faster, more efficient performance and ultimately, higher profits.  Industrial kitchen floor mats will provide safety from slips and falls due to wet and greasy flooring.  Additionally, these specialty floor mats provide anti-fatigue comfort.