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Zenex industrial products offers a wide range of solutions for any industrial project. From spray adhesives and solvents to cleaners, coatings, and coolants Zenex offers heavy duty and fast acting products to get any industrial job done.

Adhesives - Heavy duty and multi-purpose aerosol spray adhesives for wood, carpet, fabric application or cardboard, foam, metal, and plastic adhesion.

Lubricants - Wide assortment of industrial and heavy duty lubricants, penetrants, and dry lubricants that offer superb lubrication, protection, and pentrants to free up frozen or rust encased parts. Large selection of rust penetrants, release agents, and silicone lubricants.

Coolants / Coatings - Tool cooling sprays and lubricants, galvanizing sprays, protective metal sprays, and rust neutralizers to protect tools from corrosion, rust, heat, and salt.

Solvents / Cleaners - Cleaners, degreasers, solvents for heavy duty and industrial cleaning. Electrical part cleaners, motor cleaners, safety solvents, and even food grade degreasers and solvents