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industrial dry area mats DRY AREA
Mats made primarily for fatigue relief. These mats usually have a spongy backing or a solid surface.
Some have beveled edges
Some are interlocking tiles
Fixed sizes and rolled goods
Pressure point stimulation
Slip resistant

Industrial wet area mats WET AREA
Mats that will NOT absorb moisture. These have perforations for drainage of liquids. Some ot these mats have an abrasive coating to maximize traction and reduce slip/fall hazard.
Some are custom configurations
Some have beveled edges
Either Grease Proof or Grease Resistant
Different size holes depend on need
Ramp systems sold separately
Fixed sizes and roll goods

Less common specialty antifatigue mats:

Industrial runners
Mats that come in long lengths or rolls. Usually these are more economical for covering a larger area such as an assembly line.
Round or V-Groove Ribs
Vinyl or Rubber
Floor protection
Improve accoustics

Interlocking tiles INTERLOCKING TILES
Mats that interlock and/or can be assembled in shapes according to your specific needs. Worn sections can be replaced as needed instead of replacing entire mat.
Custom configurations
Floor cushioning
Beveled edges
Easy to assemble
Easy to transport

Cemical resistant mats RESISTANT TO CHEMICALS
Mats that have been tested for exposure to popular chemicals and/or grease and oil.
Food industry
Resist corrosion

Why do workers need Anti-Fatigue mats?

40% of workers in the U.S. suffer from workplace fatigue and it is costing their companies billions. Fatigue reduces work performance mainly by interfering with concentration and increasing the time needed to accomplish tasks.

For workers who stand for most of the day, leg and back pain caused by hard floors lead to fatigue and eventually decreased productivity.

What can employers do to relieve such strain? Studies have concluded that anti fatigue matting significantly cuts down on worker strain thereby increasing productivity. In addition to strain relief, antifatigue mats enhance the traction in a work area helping to prevent slips and falls.

For more info about importance of antifatigue matting at the workplace read our Anti Fatigue Floor Mats and Worker Productivity article.