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Anti-fatigue mat selection for factories, assembly lines, order fulfillment departments…

Saddle Trax GRANDE Mat Saddle Trax GRANDE

Resistant to chemicals

Anti-fatigue for multi-shift operations, cushion

Cushion Trax Mat Cushion Trax Mat - 479

Diamond plate surface pattern

Multi-directional anti-slip; shipping/receiving, factory

Pebble Step Sof-Tred Mat Pebble Step Sof-Tred Mat

Pebble-embossed PVC sponge

Relieves leg and back fatigue, assembly line

Comfort-Eze Mat Comfort-Eze Mat

Rubber bubble top mat

Offset top and bottom bubbles circulate air around mat

Sanitop Mat Sanitop Mat

 Ramps on all 4 sides

Anti-fatigue, grease resistant drainage mat, kitchens

Cushion Stat Mat Cushion Stat Mat (with Dyna-Shield)

Dissipative / anti-static

Computer assembly station, electronics, sensitive machinery

Switchboard Matting Switchboard Matting

Maximum usage of 17,000 volts

High voltage boxes, fuse boxes, transformers, prevents shock

Diamond Switchboard Matting Diamond Switchboard Matting

Insulative-prevents electrical shock
Maximum usage 17,000 volts

High voltage boxes, electrical fuse boxes, transformers, anti-slip

Dura-Rug 400 Mat Dura-Rug 400

3/4" - Thick
Recyced rubber - Material
Home or business entrance

Nyracord Drain-EZ - Flat Rib Drain Rolls Matting Nyracord Drain-EZ - Flat Rib Drain Rolls Mats

50% Recycled content

Farms, Manufacturing, Restaurant, Drainage, Kitchen, Wet area

Nyracord® Counter Tred Mat Nyracord® Counter Tred - Open Slot Rolls

Tough & drainable

Farm, factory, commercial kitchen, walkways

Rubber Interlock Mat Rubber Interlock

 3' x 3 tiles

Interlocking, rubber, anti-fatigue, non-slip

Supreme Sliptech Mat Supreme Sliptech

 Pyramid-top anti-fatigue

Slip resistant, worker comfort, leg relief

Sorb Stance Mat Sorb Stance Mat

 Tray-type mat

Holds sorbent pads that hold water/oil/grease run-off

Diamond Foot Mat Diamond Foot Mat

Colored border anti-fatigue

Diamond pattern top, abrasion/slip-resistant

Nyracord Perma Walk Mat Nyracord Perma Walk Mat

90% Recycled

Fork lift traffic, wheeled carts, knobby underside

Steel Matting Steel Matting

3/8" - Thick
Galvanized Steel - Material
Mega scraping steel grate mat

Workmaster II - High Visibility Matting Workmaster II - High Visibility Matting

3/4" Tick
HV Beveled edges

Anti-fatigue, grease resistant drainage mat, kitchens

Durite 108 Mat Durite 108

5/8" - Thick
Recycled rubber - Material
Made of recycled tires

Weld Master Anti-Fatigue Work Shop Matting Weld Master Anti-Fatigue Work Shop Matting


Slip resistant, welding mat, worker comfort,

tan VinTile commercial wet floor tiles VinTile

$2.89 / per tile + shipping
5/8" - thick.
1.25 lb. each

Price per tile $2.89
Nyracord® Floor Saver Mat Nyracord® Floor Saver Mat

100% Recycled, Super HD

Bovine, Steel warehouse, Trailer, Stables, Forklift traffic

Our Price: $109.95