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Floor grates allow the collection of excessive amounts of dirt and moisture in their deep recess, while permitting the top surface to look neat, stylish and clean.  Reese Enterprises, Inc., the leader in commercial grate manufacturing, brings you high quality grates that will serve you long years to come.  Depending on the size and materials, grate prices fluctuate between $13-35 per square foot.  An average grate (say 4x10 or 6x12) would be approximately $20 per square foot.
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Perfec Roll-Up™ 3/4" Rollup Grate Perfec Grate™ - Heavy Traffic Applications Perfec Mat Aluminum Hinge
Perfec Roll-Up™ 3/4" Rollup Grate Mat Perfec Grate™ - Heavy Traffic Applications Mat Perfec Mat Aluminum Hinge
3/4" thick
Roll-able grate matting

Heavy duty, easy to move, handles 1,000 lbs.
1 5/8"
Super heavy duty grate matting

Cleans, absorbs, scrapes, catches loads of debris
 Aluminum hinge roll up mat

Recessed mat well, foyer, vestibule, lobby
Perfec Mat Rubber Hinge Dura-Rug 400 Recessed Cocoa Matting
Perfec Mat Rubber Hinge Dura-Rug 400 Mat Recessed Cocoa Matting
 Rubber hinge roll up mat

Floor grating, replacable inserts, may be recessed
3/4" Thick
Recycled tires with nap

Home or business entrance
4 thicknesses
Vinyl backing

Cafeteria, retail stores, mud room, restaurant
Smart Step™ Matting (with Decalon®) S068-325 Smart Step - Arrow TRAX Steel Matting
Smart Step Mat Smart Step Arrow Trax mats Steel Matting
Perforated or solid

Recessed mat for high traffic areas, foyers, vestibules
38 ounce; 9/16"
Recess matting

For very busy entryways to large buildings, offices
Galvanized steel

Mega scraping steel grate matting
Durite 108 Super Scrape Parquet Tile
Durite 108 Mat Super Scrape Parquet Tile
Made of recycled tires

Front entrance, garage, drain-able
 Anti-slip rubber mat

Recessed area, entrance, scraper