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Commercial Entrance Mats
Give your customers and/or employees a helping hand at the door! Commercial entrance runners and mats cut down on wet, messy floors; therefore, reducing the opportunity for slips and falls. We offer a large selection, many colors, textures and price ranges for all our customer needs. Our extensive matting collection includes Waterhog mats, Reese grate mats, rubber backed mats, rubber mats, vinyl mats, carpet mats, outdoor mats, and indoor mats. Whether you need a scraping, drying or simply non-slip commercial walk off mat for an entrance, we have just what you need. Various thicknesses and surface designs assure that we have the perfect mat for whatever is needed.
Value Priced Mats With Backing
Economy Commercial Matting

Selection of the least expensive mats, perfect where affordable commercial entrance floor mats are needed according to the commercial building code or for lower traffic areas. For high traffic such as large office building or school we would still recommend investing a little bit more and selecting a mat with more yarn. Perfectly fine for most businesses either at the main entrance or in other locations on-site that need a rug. We find that even the most economical commercial mat is always going to be better than one from any of the big box stores. Effective scraping and drying of shoes as well as slip resistance and traction enhancing. Treated for exposure to UV rays to minimize fading and extend surface life. Plenty of colors to chose from and tons of sizes and textures as well. Contact us for a free sample and you can see for yourself!

  • Affordable Commercial Entrance Matting
  • Perfect for low traffic areas
  • Cost effective solutions for entranceways

Premium Commercial Mats
Premium Commercial Entrance Mats

Cream of the crop, upscale, high-end, super long-lasting. Our top tier commercial mats-with-backing selection features higher concentrations of fibers per square inch. This feature insures excellent drying of shoes as they pass over the runner. In addition, the tighter woven fibers keep their loft for longer under all types of traffic. Included in this group of mats are our commercial rubber-backed/nylon-surfaced mats. Rubber drives the cost up a bit but for the flexibility and floor grabbing attributes if offers, many customers happily pay the extra dollars. Some mats in this selection are made from recycled drink bottles as well. So this is perfect product for shool, shopping center, convention hall or any other location where you have many thousands of visitors and employees..

  • Long-Lasting and durable high traffic matting
  • Perfect for high traffic areas
  • For use in busy entrances, offices, schools and more
  • Higher concentration and tighter weave of fibers

Logo Mats
Logo Matting

A custom made personalized commercial entry rug with your company image, logo or slogan helps to spread the brand image. The great combination of colorful message mats and all the benefits of a commercial welcome mat come together on logo mats. Depending on your needs and desires, Matting will guide you in the right direction in selecting an appropriate product. Send us your digital image or have us create one for you for no charge! We have various options for using a logo/artwork on a floor mat ranging from plush and luxurious to tough and weather-proof. Orders for multiple mats of the same size and design receive deep discounts.

  • Custom and personalized
  • Perfect for company branding
  • Many colors and styles to choose from

Recessed Mats
Recessed Matting

One of our best-selling products is our recessed/inlaid matting products. Recessed mat systems are usually placed into a pit (sometimes also called a well) that is lower than the surrounding floor level. Upscale yet tough, recessed mats trap dirt, debris, and moisture and store it beneath their surface in the recessed area. Clean out pit when it is convenient for you! Whether you are pouring concrete recess on a new construction, need to replace your entire old mat or just the filler strips, we have everything for recessed commercial entrance mats that you need. Several of our thicker foot grill systems are also great in a recess application if you do not wish to have the aluminum. Please call or click for personalized service.

  • Tough and durable construction
  • Perfect for entryways
  • Aluminum construction with carpet strips available

Outdoor Commercial Entrance Mats
Outdoor Commercial Entrance Matting

Outdoor entrance mats are multi-taskers; they clean shoes, minimize indoor floor messes, welcome guests and lend a stylish look to your business or home. In addition, these mats help prevent slips and falls when floors are wet or icy. If you are currently renting mats from a matting rental service please consider the money you could be saving by purchasing them from us. Choose from woven vinyl, recycled rubber, PVC or virgin rubber. Usually outdoor mats are open-backed or perforated to allow for drain-off of moisture and speedy drying. Call or email for prices; we look forward to hearing from you!

  • Outdoor Matting for entrances and high traffic areas
  • Helps prevent slips and falls on wet or icy floors
  • Durable matting solution for the outside

Heated / Snow Melting Mats
Heated Matting

Why did it take this long for these to be invented? Really inventive, efficient and cost effective snow/ice removal solution. Mats operate off of standard electricity and warm up just enough to either melt snow and ice or to keep up with falling snow! Up to 2” per hour of snow will be melted before it has a chance to accumulate causing slippery and dangerous pathways. Also available in a stair tread model for those hard to maintain sets of stairs. Accessories for the snow melting mats include the following at an extra charge: Temperature Sensors that automatically switch the power on once the outside temperature reaches a certain level; Moisture Sensors that detect the presence of snow or rain on the mat and automatically activate the power once detected; Power Timers that may be set to either turn on or turn off the main power of the mats at pre-set times. Great for commercial and residential use!

  • Heated mats for melting snow and ice
  • Helps prevent slips and falls on wet or icy floors
  • Uses standard electricity to heat up mat

Waterhog by Andersen Entrance Mats
Andersen Waterhog Matting

The Andersen Company has been an innovator and industry leader for many years and it all started with their Waterhog commercial entrance mats. Others have copied the iconic waffle raised face pattern but none feature the quality and attention to detail of the original. The idea behind the products is to provide a truly multi-functional mat. First, the nylon or recycled PET fiber face of the mat does an excellent job of removing the moisture from shoes. Second, patterns that are actually molded and reinforced from the back of the mat keep their shape for years as well as provide tiny valleys for debris to collect. Third, the mats all feature a Water Dam which is a unique raised gutter all around the perimeter of the mat that stops excess moisture from running off the mat.

  • Durable mult-purpose matting
  • Dries and scrapes shoes and prevents moisture runoff
  • Reinforced backing helps mat keep its shape for years

Recycled Rubber / Tire Link Entrance Mats
Recycled Tire Matting

Since 1932, Durable Corporation has been utilizing used bias ply truck tires to weave their amazing and versatile floor mats. Used tires are cut into 3 inch long links that are assembled onto steel rods in several patterns. Chunky, tough, customizable…these mats are true workhorses. Customers may chose from Herringbone Weave or Straight Weave and customize not only the width and length of the mat but also whether or not it has black or bright yellow beveled borders versus no borders. Many recessed floor pits house these popular mats as well since they are 3 / 4 thick and have generous openings for rocks and soil to fall through. Durite has the rougher texture; essentially the insides of old tires make up the top surface of this mat in cut pieces. Dura Rug is the same material that has an added flocking that adds shoe drying to aggressive scraping. Great for large entrances, as a runner, as well as for anti-fatigue purposes in all types of settings.

  • Tough matting made from recycled tires
  • Versatile and hardworking mats that last for years
  • Provides aggressive shoe scraping

Super Heavy Duty Entry Mats

A mazing multi-directional anti-slip matting that is eco-sensible! Manufactured from used truck tires, Nyracord Counter Tred open slot matting rises to the challenge of all foot traffic it encounters. Nothing pretty or designer about these mats…they are hard working and they look it! Three different directions of anti-slip ribbing on the surface ensure safe footing where safety is an issue. Molded nubs on the back of the mat elevate it just enough to allow air flow and quick drying of moisture. Buy a roll and cut on-site to fit around your specific architectural dimensions or tell us what sizes you need an we will have manufacturer cut them for you. Economical hard working mats that will stand the test of time and the elements. Use at doorways all around your facility as well as for fatigue relief inside your operations areas.

  • Heavy Duty Rubbery Entry Mats
  • Multi-directional anti-slip matting
  • Long lasting outdoor and entry way matting
  • Withstands foot traffic and weather conditions

Vinyl-Backed Cocoa Entrance Matting
Cocoa Matting

What could be better than the natural look and feel of cocoa shell mats combined with the brilliant addition of vinyl backing? So versatile and stylish, not to mention Earth friendly, Recessed Cocoa mats are carefully made to be high quality scrapers while offering a time-honored matting statement. Available in a standard width of 6’6” but can be cut down to suit your entrance needs. Offered in 5/8”, ¾”, 1” and 1.25” thicknesses to accommodate various common recessed entrance depths. All mats will be Natural Cocoa color which varies from light to deeper tan color. Mats dry quickly and hide a ton of dirt and debris within the tightly packed fibers. We recommend use in a protected area away from falling rain and snow; the vestibule between two doors is the perfect spot for them! Great for schools, retail establishments and residential applications. Easy to install and clean…would you believe recessed coco mats are also used to smooth new pavement? Great as a “paw cleaner” in businesses with furry clients too!

  • Natural fiber matting
  • Versatile and thick matting with vinyl backing
  • Perfect indoor mat that drys and scrapes shoes

HD Custom Logo Business Entrance Matting
HD Impression Matting

When tight, crisp, vibrant representation of your logo, brand or other artwork is a must, look no further than Classic Impressions HD. Stunning reproductions of colors and small photographic details set this remarkable commercial logo entrance mat apart from its competitors. Specially developed technology allows The Andersen Co. to reproduce extremely accurate colors and images onto durable, long-lasting floor mats. Backed in your choice of vinyl or Earth friendly SBR rubber that contains 20% recycled car tires so they stay put and do not scoot around. Further customization of the mat includes a choice between serged (whip stitched with heavy duty thread to prevent unraveling) vinyl or rubber beveled edges to prevent tripping. There is no charge for proofs and quotes or artwork. Lead times between 7-9 business days.

  • High quality and defintion logo matting
  • Vibrant brand representation and crisp colors
  • Heavy duty threads to prevent unraveling