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By popular demand we feature cocoa (also called coir) mats.  Made of the natural fibers from the outside of a coconut shell, cocoa mats provide an absorbent surface that can withstand the elements and efficiently scrape dirt and moisture off shoe soles.  Densely woven coir fibers absorb water and brush to whisk away traffic dirt and moisture from foot wear. These mats are not recommended for placement in direct rain areas.  Biodegradable and sustainable...truly a green-conscious choice!

Recessed Cocoa Matting Cocoa Entry Mat
Recessed Cocoa Matting Cocoa Entry Mat
5/8"; 3/4"; 1"; 1-1/4" - Thick
Cocoa fiber yarn - Material
Vinyl backing
1 1/2"
Natural cocoa fibers

Front entrance, long-lasting, coconut shell fibers