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Unexpected Applications for Matting Matting
When you just have started your search you may not even realize that you will end-up purchasing a mat

You had no idea that you will end up buying a mat

More unusual applications for commercial / industrial matting:

Dog Landing Mat ?!
antifatigue mat for dogs

An anti-fatigue mat with a vinyl top eases stress on older/larger breeds of dogs' joints. The rigidity of the top keeps knees from buckling while the cushion foam absorbs the shock of landing. Use in the car for road trips as well as around the house as needed. Cleanup is easy; simply disinfect top periodically.

Special Needs Padding:
Soft mats for disabled
Our gymnastic mats manufacturer, AAI, will happily design and build mats for use cushioning play or rest areas for individuals with special needs. It is possible to select the thickness and firmness of the mat as well as the color of the cover.

Plant Growth Containment:
Solid recycled rubber mats 
The Smooth Runner mat is available in a 3/16 thickness that can be used in landscaping applications to prohibit weeds from invading flower beds. It has also been used on highways underneath guard rails for the same purpose. Made from recycled tires it is good for the earth and economical. >

Truck/Car Floor Protection:
Trucj floor mats 
Inexpensive carpet-like mats such as Plush Tuff Olefin and TriGrip come in a variety of colors and are easily cut to fit on-site. Especially helpful are the vinyl backs these mats are made with stopping leaks and spills from contacting your car interior.

Bare Foot Wash:
Our Mud Chucker is normally used to dislodge dirt and mud from work boots or shoes before entering a building. Another great use is to clean bare feet before entering the pool, Jacuzzi or the home. Simply place near a water source for this easy, affordable solution.

Keep Cats Off Furniture/Counters:
Sticky mat 
We carry Clean Room Mats made of 30 layers of clear sticky film. Simply cut strips the desired thickness and place entire pad in areas of concern. Once the sticky effect has gone away, tear off top sheet for a fresh new strip.

Location Floor Protection:
Carpeted matting 
Photographers and film-makers often find themselves in private homes or buildings and they need to protect the floors from being damaged by their equipment. Either carpet-like or runner mats are easily rolled and transported for this use.

Road Rollers:
Mats used for road rollers 
Our vinyl-backed cocoa mats are used by some of our customers on highway pavement machines to clean the roller as it applies tar to the surface.

No-Pit Recessed Mat:
retro link mats 
Made of recycled tires, our Durite and Dura Rug mats are 5/8 and 7/8 thick, respectively. These mats have drainage openings in them so they can perform like a recessed mat even when used on floor surface.

Reflective Marking Tape:
Reflective tape 
Though designed to keep mats in place, our GripSafe Reflective Tape is often used alone in homes and businesses to draw attention to steps, driveways or any other areas of delineation. Tape also has a non-slip rough surface great for use on stair treads.

Floor Protector:
any picture matting 
A cruise ship needed a temporary cover for their expensive wood dance floor but wanted it to be attractive. Our Classic Impressions Logo mat fit their needs while providing brand reinforcement by using their logo.

Absorbent Kitchen Mat:
absorbent mats 
The Safety Sorb mat is typically used in oily industrial settings. However, imaging a busy day of cooking and/or canning at home where the floors are subject to all sorts of spills. Simply put one of these mats down and when the cooking is done, toss it in your recycle bin!