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Office or plant mat buying guide
Article - guide for buying matting for office and manufacturing area

Matting buying guide - OFFICE / FACTORY / WAREHOUSE

There are many different areas in a factory/business where floor matting is needed. A typical scenario involves a potential new customer coming to tour your operation. Start with the moment he walks into the office of your business. Depending on the climate and/or weather, the guest will need safe footing to dry their shoes and leave outdoor debris at the door. Entrance mats get dirt off shoes
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In addition to cleaning and drying shoes, a mat at your business’ front entrance can also feature your logo to enforce your brand image. This is an important part of the first impression being made to people visiting your facility. If guests are made to wait to meet with someone, further matting in the seating area helps create a welcoming atmosphere and continue drying shoes. As your guest waits to meet you, he sees that the receptionist has a leg warming mat under her desk to combat cold wind from the frequent opening of the door. Nice touch. You approach the reception area to greet your guest and begin the walk through the suite to your office. On the way, the prospective customer will see that the staff cubicles have chair mats to make moving around the workstation easier.
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He might also notice as you pass the employee break room, that there are mats in front of the sink, coffee machine, and drinking fountain so spills will not cause slippery floors. Once in your office and seated in front of your desk, the guest rests his feet on another logo mat that you chose to make your office more inviting while reinforcing the company brand.
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After a short meeting, you leave your office and begin a tour of the plant. The doorway from the office portion of your business leading into the assembly and warehouse area has a mat on either side. These mats are to keep debris and chemicals or oil out in the plant from staining the decorative carpeting in the office. As you explain the widget production process, you go along the assembly and machining areas where workers stand on industrial anti-fatigue matting. Since some of the machines drip oils and chemicals, there are mats with a grit surface and special tolerance to certain liquids as well as absorbent mats with disposable pads. worker antifatigue mats
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Your guest asks you what happens in the event of a worker getting sprayed in the face and you show him the colorful emergency mats around the eyewash station. Finally, you enter the warehouse section and you point out the vinyl runners that line the aisles for extra traction and noise muffling. Impressed with your operation, the guest asks if he may use your restroom. Once in there, he likes that you have a decorative absorbent mat in front of the sinks. eyewash station mats
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Your prospective customer wasn't sure he wanted to partner with your company for his widget needs, but now? Now that he sees how you take care of your floors, employees and guest with all types of matting…it's a deal! mats convert to savings image