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Who Makes Mats We Sell?

Who Makes Our Mats?

Let me introduce some of the “back-stage” players at

We do business together with about 20 manufacturers to bring our customers a wide variety of matting solutions to suit all budgets. It is not "normal" for people to know or think about the floor mats that surround their everyday life. That’s what WE are here for and no, we are NOT normal!

So join us for a tour of sorts highlighting some of our partners in crime...

Superior Manufacturing

This company was established in 1948. Since then it has grown from a mid-size manufacturing & repair shop to a leading manufacturer of floor matting products worldwide. There are manufacturing facilities in Chicago, Georgia, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Europe.

Some of their top selling products include Niru Cushion Ease Niru Cushion Ease matting known for its outstanding performance in harsh wet or dry factory applications.

Another popular product, Aquatrap Aquatrap matting offers rugged scraping and absorbing fibers while adding a fashionable touch to its surroundings.

Corporate Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois

Calhoun, Georgia facility

Moselle, Mississippi facility

Netherlands facility

Foodservice Division, Providence, Rhode Island

The Andersen Company

The Andersen Company started business in 1974. They have since become a leader in solution-based matting production. Their innovations include the rubber gripper backing to keep mats in place, rubber reinforced nylon matting that resists crushing, and a water dam around all edges of mats preventing water from leaking onto floor.

Corporate Headquarters, Dalton, Georgia

Logo Machine

Andersen produces attractive affordable logo matting with no charge for artwork set up. With a wide array of colors to choose from, logo mats can be made to suit customers’ décor and enforce their branding image.
Personalized mats

Another best-seller offered by Andersen is their Waterhog mats. Rubber reinforced face nubs covered in carpet-like nylon look great while doing hard work keeping muck at the entrance. A wide array of color choices along with a fabric-to-edge border make these mats an easy fit for customers with discriminating taste.
Andersen waterhog mats

Reese Enterprises, Inc.

This company started over 80 years ago in the weather stripping and flooring business in Rosemount, Minnesota. Over the years they have devoted time and money to product development and research. All products from Reese meet and even exceed industry requirements. Industrial grade aluminum extrusions are used on all Reese mats and have been tested in the highly variable weather in Minnesota. Mats are available in a variety of materials and colors to complement any entry area. Solid footing and abrasive surfaces help keep entry areas safe. Grates and mats reduce building maintenance costs by minimizing dirt, mud, and residue that foot traffic otherwise tracks into a building.

Reese mats are made to last and look good at the same time. One of their most popular mats is the ¾” Perfec Roll Up.
alluminum mats

Customers love this mat as it is easy to handle for cleaning underneath.
recessed foyer matting

For customers with extremely high and heavy traffic entrances, Reese offers the Perfec Grate Heavy Traffic mat. This mat can be made up to 4 1/8” deep and is able to handle rolling loads of up to 300 lbs.
thick grating


Wearwell was founded in 1950 by two men who converted old discarded tires to high quality door and industrial tire mats. Max and Charley made mats paying attention to sustainability and the needs of the standing worker.

In the 1980's the Safety Revolution had begun. Taking care of workers and preventing accidents was at the forefront. Wearwell’s philosophy was/is that safety starts with the floor you stand on — that all the goggles and gloves in the world don't mean much if you slip and fall on a wet, greasy floor.

The 1990’s brought the ergonomic era focusing on fitting the workplace around the worker for improved health and production. Wearwell rose to the challenge and became an innovator in the area of ergonomic matting. And, to this day the company remains at the cutting edge of new matting technology.

Wearwell Office and Plant

Wearwell Warehouse

Wearwell is known in the matting industry as an innovator of new technology. For example their Autoclavable Mat which is non-porous and totally anti-microbial. This mat is able to withstand autoclaving (high heat steam sterilizing) up to 275° F. This allows mats to be used in medical and laboratory settings where previously mats were not allowed.

Another example is the OutFront Reversible Scraper mat.
outdoor mats
This mat is innovative because it is reversible and as such, lasts at least twice as long as similar low profile mats.

Durable Corporation

Office and Plant, Norwalk, Ohio

In 1923 company named Tire Mat and Bi-Products Company, Inc. take advantage of the patent filed for the tire-link mat. The company had numerous offices around the country but in the late 1920s they moved to their current location to be closer to the raw materials needed to make their mats. Now, 85 years later, their product line has grown to offer more mats as well as other products like bumpers, parking blocks and more.

The mats made from recycled tires are some of the toughest mats I have ever seen. They are rugged while also offering a certain visual appeal. By taking old tires out of the landfill and giving them a new life as mats, Durable is helping our environment. In addition, the Grand Stand line of anti-fatigue matting offered by Durable has the widest variety of colors available in this type of mat.

Durable Corporation specializes in recycled tire mat products. Their most popular are the Durite 108 (the mat that started the company!)
and the Dura Rug 400 which has all the benefits of Durite but includes a carpet-like nap to absorb moisture from shoes.
dura rug

We are proud to feature the above manufacturers’ products on and look forward to sharing a rewarding future with each of them. As new products and innovations become available we will continue to add them to our offerings. Our ultimate goal is to be a one-stop shop for business and consumer matting needs. Please enjoy shopping on our site and feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns.