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Recessed matting combines years of service, tough construction and less maintainance along with an attractive matting solution. Floor grate mats are especially popular where rolling loads will be present such as grocery stores, airports and hospitals. Unlike traditional vinyl or rubber backed entrance mats, aluminum mats will not roll up and cause a tripping hazzard. With the drainage of dirt and moisture down underneath the mat surface, cleaning staff are able to tend to these mats less often.
Perfec Mat - RUBBER hinge

Aluminum mat stips joined with rubber
  • Rubber hinges make less noise
  • Easily rolled for cleaning
  • 3/8" thick
Perfec Mat - ALUMINUM hinge

Aluminum mat strips hinged with aluminum
  • Aluminum hinges last and last
  • Chose from 4 filler types
  • 3/8" thick

3/4" ROLLUP grate

Thick aluminum mat that can be rolled up
  • Rolls up easily for cleaning
  • Larger area for dirt/water collection
  • 3/4" thick
Perfec HEAVY DUTY grate

Heavy duty aluminum grates for deep well instalation
  • Heavy duty recessed matting
  • Able to handle heavy rolling loads
  • 1 3/4" - 4 1/8" depth options
Stainless steel and aluminum grates
  • For applications where no carpeted or vinyl inserts are needed aluminum or stainless steel grates are available

  • Inserts can be made of:
  • Carpet
  • Polypropylene Brush
  • Diamond Peak Vinyl
  • Vinyl Abrasive

    Aluminum Finish The most popular is natural aluminum (also known as "mill finish") but the aluminum parts of the mat are able to be anodized. Anodizing not only allows a choice from seven colors but also makes it harder and more resistant to corrosion. Keep in mind that this process is costly and comes at a relatively high extra cost.