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108 Durite Mat
108 Durite Mat

Price $6.83 - $9.45 per square foot
Price $6.83 for orders of $500 and up
Price $9.45 small orders (may include shipping)

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*Standard Sizes :
14" x 22"

17" x 25"

20" x 30"
24" x 36"
24" x 48"
24" x 60"
Weight :
5.4 lb
7.4 lb
10.4 lb
15.4 lb
20 lb
25 lb
*Standard Sizes :
24" x 72"
30" x 48"
30" x 60"
36" x 60"
36" x 72"
Weight :
30 lb
25 lb
32.3 lb
37.5 lb
45 lb
Custom Sizes :

Custom sizing is available up to 8 foot widths - Up to 25 feet in length. Sizing over 12 feet in length will be sectioned.

Shipping weight for custom sizing is 2.50 lbs a square foot (plus packaging) Allow 1-4 weeks for delivery.

*Standard Sizes are often pre-cut and in stock so would ship faster than custom sizes. Note: Sizes are approximate - Exact sizing cannot be guaranteed without noising. For metric size and weight conversions scroll to the bottom of this page.

3/8 thick (0.625 inches is 15.88 millimeters)
Galvanized wire woven with rubberized fabric from recycled tries
Two pattern options to choose from Herringbone Weave or Straight Weave
Un-Backed for dirt and moisture to fall below the mats surface
Edging options are; Black Beveled for surface applications or Black square noising for recessed applications
Weight is 2.50lbs a square foot / Contact for pricing on edging

108 Durite is recommended for out door use but can very well be used indoors as well. Constructed of steel rods covered in carpet like rubberized nab for scrapping and absorbing in an open mesh for debris to fall below the top surface that is 5/8" thick. You have your choice of edging; black beveled for surface application, square noising for use in a recess well, or a no edge at all. Please note, that the sizes are approximate, the only way to confirm size is to have an edging applied. This style mat will last you years no matter the foot traffic or weather. It is a bit heavier than most mats but again will last you for years and years. Use in front of your home, business, school, store fronts or even in front of your garage door that leads into your home. It is not recommend for greasy or oily areas as it will over time break down the rubberize nab resulting in damage and exposed steel rods. You have your choice of pattern; straight weave which means the mesh will have more of a balanced look as appose to the Herringbone Weave which has more of a cris-cross pattern. Both patterns are heal proof, they are just small enough to where you wont have to worry about injury or complaints about broken heals.

Perfect as a scrapper/wiper mat as well as a catch all for debris and moisture at any entrance way. Not only will this mat complement your home or business but it will hold its own in the years to come. Long lasting structured material, and a great look not to mention it will out last any other mat on the market by far. Clean appearance sure to impress everyone - you will be asked more than once where you got the mat?! Aside from its durability and long lasting material - Maintenance is a breeze as mats are easily rolled up for moving, cleaning, or storage. Manufacturers suggestions on cleaning is below.


Sweep as needed Can be washed with a garden hose - No Soaps or detergent. Let dry before putting back into use.

Standard sizes:
Ship the fastest
14 X 22 in
0.3556x0.5588 m
17 X 25 in
0.4318x0.6350 m
20 X 30 in
0.5080x0.7620 m
24 X 36 in
0.6096x0.9144 m
24 X 48 in
0.6096x1.2192 m
24 X 60 in
0.6096x1.5240 m
Weight: 2.45 kilograms 3.36 kilograms 4.72 kilograms 6.99 kilograms 9.07 kilograms 11.34 kilograms
Standard sizes:
Ship the fastest
24 X 72 in
0.0696x1.8288 m
30 X 48 in
1.5240x1.2192 m
30 X 60 in
1.5240x1.5240 m
36 X 60 in
0.9144x1.5240 m
36 X 72 in
0.9144x1.8288 m
Weight: 13.61 kilograms 11.34 kilograms 14.65 kilograms 17.24 kilograms 13.61 kilograms
Custom Sizes: Metric - 0.61 uo to 2.44 meter widths and up to 7.62 meters in length. Shipping weight for custom sizing is 12.21 kg a square meter (plus packaging) Allow 1-4wks for delivery

Manufacturer part numbers: 108 Durite

Manufacturer: Durable Corporation

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